Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cartagena Columbia - September 27

I am in Columbia!

We wake up early as we are only in port for the morning and I want to really see this country and the city of Cartagena. We open the door to the balcony and bamm, the heat hits us again, the humidity is already very high and all the mirrors and windows in the cabin fog up instantly.

We dock at what looks like an industrial section, amongst container ships. When we get off we are welcomed by people in period costumes, and free fruit/candies from the area. Again we are the first ship in port of the season.

We walk thru the port area, at first there are taxi asking for your business, but most want to just sell you tours. We didn't want to do a tour this time, we are a little toured out and just want to do our own thing. Karen and John are joining us, and we walk thru the gates of the port to the taxi line and hire a taxi. For $20 total we are taken to the "Old Town" and dropped off at a flea market craft place. We didn't go in to look but there looks like you can pick up any and all souvenirs up here.

First thing we notice is the architecture, beautiful, very Spanish. Everything is well laid out and functional. The plants that cascade over the balconies truly add to the character.

Now one thing we quickly noticed was how darn big the doors are, and usually encased in this huge door is a little door. Normally these open to a huge courtyard.

It is a Sunday and it is quiet and lots of locals have come out to enjoy the day. Local vendors sell fruit and juices to those on the street.
Very narrow streets.

Here is a good outline of how large the doors are, compared to the artist sitting there selling his pieces. You can just make out the outline of the smaller doors.

The day that we were there the government was having a city election and people were going to the polls.

Very artistic city, lots of displays of statues of all types.

Somebody has their crafts for sail, I love the colors.

Lots of open spaces

You can see how hot we are.

This man is selling snow cones!

What a woman really looks like.

This woman is selling fruit.

Bernie hands out the Canadian pencils we brought.

We stop for something to eat and a cold beer. Here the guys goof around sampling the local beer. Okay twist my arm.

Karen and I have to try some too.... see how hot and sweaty we are!

Aguila, their local beer.

It was a nice little restaurant and the food was great.

John with his new "Panama Hat" he bought in Panama City - doesn't he look handsome.

These two parrots were right at the port and they did talk.

It is a considerable walk to the ship from the port entrance, but there is a shuttle, but be prepared and have good comfortable shoes on and lots of water.

Here is a good shot on how the port looks, very industrial, and the port stores, and taxi are to the right (not in the shot).

The view of Cartaghena as we sail away from her.

Yup this is how we looked when we got there, which way to go????

Since we were only here for part of the day, we got back on the ship and quickly went to the pool deck to cool off. Here we enjoyed a dip and a hamburger and some music. Ah that is why I love cruising. You get to really enjoy the sights but also get the chance to relax and enjoy the ship.

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