Sunday, October 18, 2009

San Francisco - Sept 16

San Francisco - Yahoo we see our friends

Everyone is up early, 2/3rds of the ship is getting off today and the reamining 450 are staying on but eager to get off and see the sights.

It is a little overcast today, fog is settling in, but as soon as we approach the Golden Gate bridge it lifts. Check out these shots of the city.

We decide to head ashore after the mad rush. We were given our new cruise cards the night before and also given "in transit" tickets so we can get thru the line ups by showing the pass. As soon as we walk out of the terminal we hear "HEY" and it is Karin and John, quick hugs and kisses and we start heading to the necessary stops --- aka Starbucks!

as you can see Bernie and John missed each other
yum now I am happy

Bernie and I head off on our own to pick up the necessities. Wine and more wine, and maybe some .... wine. We also picked up a few other items, soda, chocolates from Ghiradelli, and duck tape (don't ask but it comes in handy).

We really didn't want to head back to ship right away so we went for lunch at pier 39 at the Crab House and got our fill of crab. After lunch we boarded the ship and went to our cabin to see that Jerry and Rose had arrived.

Now originally when we booked we had E229, Karin/John had E227 but Jerry and Rose couldn't get one beside us but one away. So we waited until the couple in E231 arrived and bribed them into moving one cabin over. They nicely accepted and now we are able to open the dividers between the balconies to create one large balcony.

the gang is together again
It is nice out, great friends, great ship, drink in my hand, great photos and oh and the begining of a great trip.
We all head back to the cabin and out onto the balcony for some fun. We sure spent a lot of time out there. We laughed and laughed and drank and drank, guess we should head to dinner.


  1. You guys all look great! I miss all of you :)
    - Angelique

  2. Awesome pics Vickie! They are all so familiar, considering we just got back on Friday! We had lunch at Pier 39. Went over the Golden Gate Bridge in an open-air double decker. How much time ashore did you have? Nice blog, btw!