Sunday, October 18, 2009

Huatulco - September 21

Huatulco - Our Favorite Place in Mexico

When we docked and since we were the first ship of the season the town had a ceremony for us with dancers and music. Beautiful.

But before I get into Huatulco I wanted to cover a few things about the ship and what is happening on board.

Our cabin steward is Robert he is from the Philippines. A friendly chap but I have to say that he does his job, but that is all. He seems to forget things all the time. We constantly have to ask for shampoo/soap/conditioner, ice, breakfast room service card, towels. When we ask he is very quick to accommodate and always with a smile so we can't really complain. Plus our steward last Jan on the Grand was the best, most amazing steward, so we were spoiled.

The cabin: the cabin has everything we could need, the tv is still the older models and hasn't been updated with the flat screen yet, but I am sure it will happen soon. We got our free mini bar set up because we are Elite. It was a nice bonus (note it is only a one time thing, no replacements after you have emptied those little bottles). You also get nicer toiletries (linen mist for you bed, night mask, shower cap, shoe polisher, cotton balls, and I think a few other things but I can't remember off hand).

Other perks of Elite are complimentary laundry and dry cleaning. Now this is a real perk especially on a long voyage like this. We put in items almost daily or at least after two days. It comes back on hangers and nicely folded. It should be noted on three occasions items were missing, happened twice to my skort (maybe the workers in the laundry liked it). But they were quickly found and returned.

Another perk is afternoon tea delivered to your cabin. At first I thought "nah we won't use that" but we tried it the last day and ordered for two and it was amazing. Bernie loves tea and always brings his own mug to enjoy large cups of tea. The afternoon tea included sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, cookies, squares and a huge assortment of teas.

Also every night we were invited to a special lounge for Elite and suite passengers to enjoy a special cocktail (at cost but cheaper for this gathering) and some canapes. We went a few times and really enjoyed it.

Okay now Huatulco

We have been here on numerous occasions and we have adopted a school here that we love to call "our second home". We have visited it now three times and we try to collect items for the school that they can use. This year we brought two large suitcases full of items for the kids (books, maps, games, crayons, scribblers, pencils). And when we visited each class we had balloons and Canadian tattoos for each child.

Check out the video I put together of our visit with the school.

When you dock in Huatulco you actually dock in Santa Cruz. This is a small fishing village and you can easily just get off the ship and walk to your left and enjoy the beach. If beach isn't your thing, you can take a quick taxi ($2.50 one way) to La Crucicita which is a bit bigger town, but trust me this is no Puerto Valarta, this is the "real" Mexico. Here you will find lots of lovely shops, a beautiful church, restaurants and bars.

This is the beach right off the dock.
These two shots are in the square in La Cruicita.
Bernie and I love this little ice cream parlor and espresso place that is close to the church right near the square. Definitely try the coconut ice cream.

Huatulco has tons of beaches so don't hesitate to venture out away from the pier.

Here is a great site for more information on Huatulco


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