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Acapulco - September 20

Acapulco -- So what day is it anyways?

I have to say after three days at sea it was nice to know that we would be docking today. We have been to Acapulco many times and it isn't our favorite place but we know the weather will be warm and a beach is calling our name.

We dock early, and it is hot.... as we pull up to the dock I scan the pier for our friend Roberto Maciel who is the Port Manager. We saw him last year and I did notify him that we would be in town. We did run into him briefly and said we would hook up later for a drink (unfortunately when we came back he was no where around - must be working). So next time Rob we will definitely hook up.

It is a beautiful bay, but it is amazing how busy this city is. All the hotels, shops, restaurants are located along the main drag (Costera Miguel Aleman). This creates huge traffic jams, but this time we are here on a Sunday and the traffic seems lighter.

Here is the Fort (Fuerte de San Diego) taken from the ship. It is very close all you have to do is exit the port and take the walkway above the road that crosses the main drag. The Fort is 30 peso to enter, but free on Sundays and well worth seeing. Here is a link to more info on the fort

It should be noted when you get off the ship you will exit via the standard shops (jewelry, bar, t-shirts, crafts, you name it) plus it is air conditioned. Once you leave that building though may the force be with you. You will first be hit with taxi/tour sellers - make note that even though the person trying to sell you the tour/taxi will not be the person who actually drives you around. So make sure you get a driver that can speak English if you require that. Oh and once you exit the gate of the port you will be hammered again with people trying to see you anything and everything. My favorite comment from a taxi driver once was "taxi Mam, I'll even let you driver".

We normally try to take local transit whenever and wherever we visit. Acapulco is no exception. We had decided to take the bus to Playa Caleta. The bus ride was very cheap, Bernie says he thinks it was about .75 each. Some of the locals helped us and directed where we should get off for the beach. Oh and hang on when riding!

Rose enjoys the ride to the beach

We arrive and we start to wander around checking out the options. Now in Mexico and many other beach destinations you pay a small fee for lounge chairs, palapas. Or you can choose a restaurant/bar where if you purchase food/drink from them you get to use the table/lounges for free. Be warned you will find the owners/waiters coming out along the beach trying to get your business. Look for clean, busy, washroom facilities when picking your spot.

We chose Pedros on the beach and Pedro himself served us. The local beers were only $1.50 each, so you know you can't go wrong.

And trust me a beer is definitely on the must do when sitting on the beach. Did I mention how hot it was! It went down quickly and helped to keep you cool.

Now we had never been to Mexico in the summer but I can tell you the sun is stronger and it is very very hot. Make sure you wear sunscreen.

The beach looks lovely and it is a nice size and certainly didn't feel crowded. Lots of locals are here as it is Sunday and it is a family outing. Both Jerry and I headed into the water to cool off. We quickly looked at each other in disgust. There is a lot of crap in this water I say. This beach is a lot like all the other beaches we have been to in Acapulco. Now it was just garbage that most people just toss on the beach, like pop bottles, bags, etc. Later on we see this garbage patrol truck pull up and cleaned up the beach and a small boat was in the water cleaning it up too. But it was enough to turn me off from going back in.

We had lots of laughs and lots of beer.

Here is a guy that has brought his boat full of items for sale.

See the beach is beautiful.

Here is Pedro the owner of the restaurant, he was a great host and couldn't do enough for us.

This little girl is at the beach with her family for the day and is quite content just to build a sand castle. You will see lots of this.

Now the vendors! If you have never been here or any other beach in Mexico you haven't experience the "true" Mexico. You will see about a hundred or so vendors (of course it is usually the same ones coming back time after time) on the beach, of all ages, sizes, and sexes. It is amazing what you can buy on the beach. Here a woman is selling mangos, the red colored ones have been rolled in chili powder. Sorry didn't try them.

This little girl is trying to sell something to us, but she was so cute and she kept coming back. If a vendor comes up and you like something go ahead and buy it, but make sure you barter. But I am of the feeling if you feel it is a fare price then it is a fare price!

We ordered a lovely meal at Pedros and it was quite reasonable and certainly fresh.
Bernie and I left a little earlier as we needed to shop for a few items that we wanted from here. We took the bus back towards town and when we got off this man kept following us insisting that he could show us around. We kept saying no that we knew where we were going, but that didn't stop him. We went into Woolworths and picked up some stuff and when we came out we figured we had dodged him, but no at the corner there he was. He led us to the craft market where we wanted to go and introduced us to his "friend" who owned a jewelry store. We did check some things out and Bernie bought a nice silver ring that he had been wanting for a long time. He really wanted a gold one but didn't like what they had in selection. I could tell he was still not satisfied, but said on another trip he would get the ring he wanted.
Well that wouldn't do I thought, so as soon as we got back to the port and the shops there I went to the jewelry store that our friend Roberto had recommended on numerous occasions. We found the ring he wanted, we got the price, mentioned we are good friends with Roberto and the price went down and we were happy with that price and we bought it. Bernie is happy now.

The ship looks so beautiful in port.

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