Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aruba and Home - September 28 - Oct 1

Aruba and the last two sea days.

We arrived into Aruba with beautiful sunny weather. Now we have been here two times this year all ready, and it isn't one of our favorite places and I thought, this is the day I am going to relax and enjoy myself. Jerry/Rose and Karen/Allan went ashore, and Bernie went to just pick up a few souvenirs. I stayed on board.

Bernie was only gone for about a half hour and back on board stating that there were lots of souvenirs but the prices we too high and he didn't want pay that much for junk. Again we are the first ship in port for the season.

I decided the Sanctuary was my place today. I went there for the afternoon and relaxed, I was the only one there.

The next two days are sea days and relaxation are in order, as if we aren't relaxed all ready! We spend the next day in the Sanctuary. We arrive for the afternoon session and there are a few people around. On the Island the Sanctuary is located aft, right behind the gym, and right above the kids area - but there are no kids on board.

It is so peaceful here, but around 4 pm, the aerobics spinning class gets started and all you can hear is their music blaring away. So we ended up leaving shortly thereafter.

Our next sea day is spent saying goodbye to everyone. We had organized another informal meet and greet at 11 am in the Explorer's Lounge and many of the crew came. Here I am with Paul Hilcox, our Cruise Director.

On some of the sea days there is pub lunch in the Crown Grill and we all ended up there for a nice meal.

After the lunch a bunch of us met and headed to the casino, we all contributed $20 and put it into one slot machine and played away. It lasted for almost an hour, and the hoots and hollers every time we won had everyone in the casino looking on. Many people wanted to get into the action. In the end we ended up with nothing but lots of laughs.

Here Marie is on the chair trying to bring some luck to her spin.

Said goodbye to Miss Beverly and hoping that one day we will see each other again.
The next morning we were off the ship relatively early and grabbed our bags and off to the airport. We were there by 9 am and our flight home.
The Panama Cruise was one of the best trips I have ever taken. It was made that way because of the itinerary and the people we sailed with.

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