Friday, February 12, 2016

February 7, 2016 - Princess Cays - Nope

I wake to the Captain again - really Captain Oliver - this is getting a little personal with you in my cabin all the time.  Well on the speaker that is.

He announces that the high winds hitting the shore will mean we are not able to safely tender ashore today so the port has been cancelled.

Oh well - we are disappointed but we know they don’t make these decisions lightly.  I am further impressed when I head down to the Atrium and see so many of the officers out around the ship in the public areas answering questions people may have about the missed stop.

People seem to be understanding.  It is very windy out there.  Last sailing in Princess Cays it was windy too and I didn’t even go in the water.  Bernie commented the snorkeling was impacted by it too.  So today with even higher winds we totally understand.  Also we get a credit of $18.57 each for the port charges. 

A new Patter is put up on the intranet system very quickly and a new one sheet updated Patter is sent to all the cabins. It still blows me away at how quickly the ship can get things organized for a day at sea all of a sudden.  Including lunch in the dining room.

At 9:30 we meet up with Michael and Meg/Neil for breakfast at Sabatinis.  Oh this just is teasing me!  I love this but it is only available to those in a full suite or someone celebrating a big milestone cruise (75, 100, 125 etc). 

After breakfast I head to the Enclave to enjoy my last day here.  It is still relatively quiet, but I do notice a lot of people allow their friends to come in with them.  They just sneak them in.  In our ten days on board three different people have bragged to us about how they just have their friend come in with them. 

I love this Enclave and Bernie REALLY loves it.  I think this is something that will be a possibility for future voyages for us.

Today is also Super Bowl.  There are a lot of events happening focusing on the big game.  They are showing the game up on MUTS, in Vista Lounge, in the Casino and I believe also in Club 6.  They are having trivia, tail gate food, contests, etc.  But neither of us watch American Football so we are not interested.

The weather all day has been windy, intermittent showers and many are complaining that the ship should show the game in the cabins. But most are not aware that the ship has to pay for the rights to air the game in certain areas.  Public venues and in your cabin are two different costs.  But in the end I believe most were happy with the viewing of the game.

We did have to deal with one issue on our bill today.  Three nights ago we ordered a bottle of wine using our Wine Package.  The bottle was $45 and our package had one bottle left of the Silver package.  What normally happens is they charge us the $45 and then they credit the $29 for the package a few hours later.  But this time no credit appeared even after three days.  We discussed the issue with Natalya Vityuk and she promised to investigate.  This is the same evening we had the charge for the strawberry daiquiri that we never ordered and she dealt with.

Later in the day Natalya touched based with us to say that there was no paper receipt (normally they have me sign a paper with Silver Wine Package written on it).  But I don’t remember ever signing the paper receipt this time.  The Bar Manager usually goes by that receipt to process the credits.  But they are able to see that we still had one bottle left of the package and processed the credit.

I love the Wine Package option and it certainly has gotten easier in the past few years.  But I really wish they would update and make it more technical.  Maybe something added to your card electronically that you can pull up on your account that shows your wine package when you view your account.

Then you could see what bottles you ordered, where, when and the cost, and maybe even the savings you earned because you had the package. 

I arranged to meet up with Katherine and Andrea for Afternoon Tea.  Katherine has followed my blog and now my page and it is lovely to get to know them in person. 

Back in the cabin I watch the cooking demo with Federico (Maitre D’) and David (Executive Chef), boy those two are hilarious.  I love that I can watch the cooking shows on the on demand tv in the cabin.

Dinner is in the dining room where we reflect on the trip and say good bye to many.  Jandri has been such a joy.  We do hope to sail with her again.

Tonight is Voice of the Ocean and we want to see it only because Michael is one of the judges again.  Meg and Neil are there and well I would like to say we enjoyed it but have to say most of the singers were, well…. Hard to sit thru.  But I have to commend them, they certainly were better than I could do but it was like a bad Karaoke.  The last two sailings had much better singers.  But I am glad at who one as he was quite good.

We say goodbye to Michael after the show and promise to keep in touch and to hopefully get to sail with him again.  I am happy to report that the Royal Princess is my most favorite ship.  The crew are amazing, wonderful, kind, friendly, hard working and well almost any other adjective to mean superb.  I love the venues on board, the cabins, the food, the entertainment and can’t wait to sail her again.

Back in the cabin we pack up the last bit of items and put our final bags out.  We gain an hour tonight.

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