Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bonaire - February 2, 2016

Oh it is an early arrival into Bonaire.  I did not sleep well and we are both slow to get going.  Our original goal was to head to Klein Bonaire but that isn’t going to happen.  We dock at 7 am and again the pier is on the Port side.  We are docked at the South Pier just two blocks from the main square of Kralendijk.

This little beach is  just to the right of the pier if you don't have much time

We both comment on how much the pier area has changed since we started coming here.  We use to be able to see the actual airport but now there is a large apartment complex blocking it.  The pier area has a big shopping area - it was all dirt here the first time we came.  (I will try and do comparison pictures when I get home).  There are numerous hotels, apartments, stores, and tour companies all around the ports now.

But thankfully the heart of Bonaire hasn’t changed much.  

Bonaire is part of the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) and is very close to Venezuela.  It is hot here today (high 20s) with a light breeze coming from the water. 

There is a lot to do here in Bonaire and the Shorex Dept on board has lots of tours that I can highly recommend.  There is also the option of private tours once you are ashore too. 

Time today is limited as we have to be all aboard at 1:30 so plan your time.  We do wish that Princess would schedule a full day here some time and maybe skip one of the other upcoming islands (like Grenada or Dominica). Then maybe on the next itinerary make one of those islands a full day and skip Bonaire.  Just a thought.

So when we finally get our butts moving we head ashore around 10 am!  I know we are so bad, but we know what we want to do and we are going with the flow.  We have our bathing suits, sunscreen is on and snorkel gear is in hand. 

our little snorkel heave

We don’t bring much just what we need and no valuable (only $20 cash) as we leave our bag on the beach while we snorkel.  So if someone does take off with it, it is a minor loss.
this is where we went - withing walking distance of the ship

After getting off the ship we turn left and walk along the water.  We walk for about 15 minutes to a snorkel spot we were taking to a long time ago by Rene when we did her private snorkel trip.  We leave our bag and we walk in.  Yes the rocks - which really are coral broken up is hard on your feet but we manage.

We snorkel around for around an hour and see so many beautiful fish.  You don’t have to go far to see so much.  I will try and post pictures now but at the very least I will post them when I get home.

After snorkeling we sit out on the boardwalk and dry off soaking up the heat from that beautiful sun. 

Our walk back was one block inland on the main street with many shops.  Kralendijk is a fair size (well for an island that is) and you can find grocery stores, pharmacies, coffee shops, ice cream, you name it.

I still wish we could do a North Island Tour sometime but that will have to wait.

We are back on board just before one (all aboard is 1:30) and I head down to the Enclave.  It is totally quiet in here today.  I think maybe five people came and went when I was there.

I have been to other ship’s Thermal Suites and even though I like them this far surpasses the Thermal Suite.  Here the steam rooms are huge.  I remember one ship I was on that the steam room could only sit four people and it was the size of a closet.  These steam rooms sit probably 15 (although that would be a friendly group). 

After an hour I am back in the cabin relaxing.  We both watch sail away from the balcony and I mention to Bernie that I wish we were staying on for the next seven day cruise.  It will be hard to leave.

We dress and head up to the Horizon Court for a salad - this is all we both want as we want to participate in the Afternoon Tea - which is held in Concerto Dining Room from 3:30 to 4:30.  This is the first Afternoon Tea we have done and Bernie just really wants the scones with jam. 

After relaxing in the cabin for a while, tried to watch a movie but couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I try to nap but the phone keeps ringing.  Now we have the Do Not Disturb in our door.  Apparently Room Service has a delivery for us.  

So they don’t knock on the door but they call us.  After they call they come and deliver it - so much for Do Not Disturb. 

Other ships see the Do Not Disturb and then slide a card under our door saying we tried to deliver something but could not because of the sign, please call the dine line to get the delivery. 

So I am awake now.  It is six pm and I say, well let’s get dressed and get pre dinner drinks.

Of course our go to place is Vines and we enjoy a bottle of the 50th Anniversary Prosecco (which is on sale right now).  Anastasia gets us some cheese from the International CafĂ© to go with it.  Michael and his friends Meg and Neil join us. 

Again this is why we cruise.  Getting the time to chat with people and not be so pressed with time constraints from home. 

Tonight we head for dinner (again in Symphony) where we sit at a table for two.  No problem getting a table for any size at 8 pm.

After dinner we want to head up to the open decks for the Love Boat Disco Deck Party that starts at 9:30.  It is not too busy up here (again I think it is the demographics) but we have a great time dancing, and dancing and more dancing.  

I love this deck party!  It is a nice change and wish it was on all ships.

The Night Sky Lounge in the Retreat Pool is having to be rescheduled because it is just too windy.

While the deck party was happening the Captain comes on announcing that there is a need for A positive blood.  All those with A positive, carrying their blood donor card and give regularly to head down to the Vista Lounge.  This happened last year too.  (note: the next day we find out that they were able to get enough blood donors). 

It was a fun night! 

Other things happening tonight:  What the World Needs Now 6:45 and 8:15, Crab Shack, MUTS The Killers Live At the Royal Albert Hall, Evening Grooves with Tyrone, Live Music and Dancing with the Orphea Quartet (which we loved), Princess Pyramid Game Show, A Night at the Movies: Black Mass in Vista Lounge, Music Madness Trivia in Princess Live, Feature Film: A Walk in the Woods in Princess Live, and more.


  1. Hi Vickie,
    I love your blog! Can you tell me what type of underwater camera you have? It takes great pictures!

    1. I use a 7 year old Pentax underwater camera. I will add that the pictures were not always this good though - it took me a while to improve after many tries. Almost all underwater cameras are the same, it is the users that are different. So find a good deal and practice lots.