Friday, February 12, 2016

At Sea - February 6 , 2016

We have a sea day but it is a busy one.  But I have to admit I spent the entire morning in the cabin relaxing. 

The Most travelled luncheon is at noon in Sabatinis.  We are honoured to be among the top forty most travelled passengers.  Once again we are sat at Michael Prasse’s -- HGM -- table with two other couples.

Menu consisted of: 

Smoked Salmon, Lobster and Asparagus Terrine with Tomato and Broad Bean Vierge, Micro Leaf Salad


Caramelized Vanilla Orange & Apple Greek Yogurt Parfait with Blueberries

Pan Fried Halibut Fillet, Bacon & Leek Fricassee and Red Pepper Sabayon


Beef Medallions with Confit Baby Shallots with Braised Celeriac Root Spiked with Horseradish Cream, Grilled Asparagus Spears, Pommes Puree, Burgundy Reduction


Caramelized Red Onion & Goat Cheese Tart, Dressed Mesulan Salad, yellow pepper salsa

Warm Berry Compote with Simple Vanilla Syrup, Fraise de Bois and Lemon Thyme Ice Cream


Tea and Coffee

The meal was amazing.  I had the Caramelized Vanilla Orange and Apple to start then the Red Onion and Cheese Tart.  I loved that tart and would so love it on the regular menu. 

We had a lovely lunch and it is sad to know this is the last one for a while.  Michael mentions that because the next two legs are seven day cruises they will be holding a cocktail party instead as sea days are limited and less time to coordinate.

After lunch we head our separate ways.  I wander and check in with Angelique.  I also roam the ship taking pictures.
Later on when I come back to the cabin Bernie is a bit of a funk.  He is feeling grumpy and sad to say goodbye to all our “family”.  It is also sad to know that this amazing trip is coming to an end.  Where did the time go. 

So I tell him to call our friends Angelique and Simon and crack open the champagne and lets toast a great voyage.  We both share our top five memories and we reflect on the amazing memories we have created.

I believe it is key to reflect and remember the good things.  The friends we have made, the friends we have seen again and have solidified the friendship even further and the family we have grown.

Again there is a reason we didn’t have kids and we have adopted many of the crew as our own. 

Tonight is a formal night, but neither of us has formal so we dress nicely and we try to decide if we really want to head to the Captain Circle Party.  We made plans to meet up with Neil and Meg at the Wheelhouse for 7:30 and then we pop into the Vista Lounge last minute in time for one drink each.

There we meet up with Michael.  Michael was kind enough to invite us to a special dinner.  The Super Tuscan Wine Dinner is something that is featured on the Regal but will be introduced shortly on the Royal (it’s next ten day itinerary). 

me hugging the Super Tuscan Wine Tower - Wonder if i could build one for home

It is a similar concept to the Super Tuscan Wine Tasting but with a full dinner menu.  It is held in Sabatins at a price point of $60 per person.  But you get so much with it. 

I am sorry I really didn’t take notes of the dinner and what was offered.  I really wanted to enjoy it and focus on the food, the wine and the friends I was dining with. 

But I can recall a few things.  First they start out with three different types of breads -- all still warm.  This is Tuscan in nature and bread is at the forefront of all meals.  It is served with oil and vinegar and a wine is served.  Oh my God the bread was to die for! 

Dessert was fabulous - Apple slice fritters with a cinnamon ice cream on a brittle served with Lemocello.

This dinner was a trial run with some passengers and officers.  It will be featured in Sabatinis as a full event where the Maitre D’ will host the event with wine pairing for each course.  I can’t wait.  Being a food and a wine drinker I love this idea. 

We love the wine maker’s dinner and we love this as another option.  The food is as good as at the Chef’s Table but at a lower price point and no souvenirs of cookbook/picture or flower (which we don’t need).

After dinner we head to the 10:30 showing of Spectacular.  

Bernie swears we haven’t seen it before but I remind him we saw it last year.  It is a great show, one of my favorites.


After the show we head to Club 6 for drinks - it is also Happy Hour.  We spend the next hour chatting with Sanja and getting all emotional because we know we have to say goodbye tomorrow.

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