Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dominica - February 4, 2016

No exciting events this morning - no rescues, no calls for blood.  When we wake around 9 we are docked - on the starboard side.  We are once again at the more industrial pier which is about a mile from down town.  There is a shuttle for around $2 each way.

We relax in the cabin watching the culinary demonstration all about Norman Love Chocolate desserts on board.  It is hosted by Executive Chef David as well as the Executive Pastry Chef.  They are so fun to watch.  David is quite funny too - he makes it enjoyable to watch. In fact I would love to see more of him and his demos. 

I write up my blog from yesterday and “thought” I saved it.  I don’t bother to post it right away because the signal is poor here and will down to Vines later to post.

We decide to head to the Enclave to relax.  OMG we are in love with this place. 

They provide you with sandals when you first arrive along with a robe but these sandals don’t fit me.  I wear a size 9. 

Quite a big size I know but many women wear this size.  But I can’t slip my feet into these sandals at all.  No big deal I just wear my own flip flops anyways, probably a good thing too. 

Even the change rooms are well appointed and relaxing.  There seems to always been an attendant in there cleaning up.  Lovely soothing sounds are piped in and the shower is huge. 

We get the Enclave for ourselves today.  Not a single soul joins us.  We move from shower to steam room to the caldera (aka as freakin hot room) but I have learned to just turn on the shower head and keep dousing my body to cool down.  I last only around 5 minutes but the max is ten anyways.  Then cool shower then the next room.

The pool is so relaxing but after a while I begin to feel pickled, but Bernie can stay in here forever.  I am lounging on the tiled beds feeling the warmth penetrate.  I can hear the spa music being piped in but very low, so low I have to concentrate to hear it. 

I move to the warm water bed and fall asleep for a bit on it.  Ahhhh I am coming back new!

We shower back in the cabin and decide to stay out of the sun today.  After a full day yesterday and again tomorrow we need a break. 

I am hungry (no breakfast again) and it is just after one pm.  We venture down to the International CafĂ© where we grab a sandwich - found my new favorite (chicken with pineapple) and some salad. 

We sit in Vines (no wine - surprise) and I go to post my blog.  But NO I obviously didn’t save all that I typed earlier today!  Damn…. That is at least an hour of writing.  So I am back at writing it all over again.

Sail Away today is at our friends Angelique and Simon’s cabin for 4 pm.

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