Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back to the Caribbean in January!

For over a decade and a half we have been travelling in the beginning of each year.   For a couple of reasons; Bernie's Birthday falls then, at work it impossible to get Christmas off so going away in January is a good option, and getting away from the rain in Vancouver keeps us sane.

This coming year (Jan 2016) is a little extra special. Bernie turns 60 and for a long time now I have been saying whatever you want to do we will do.  

He has dreamed of going to Peru and seeing Machu Picchu so this is what he said he wanted to do for his 60th.  He started reading, doing research, planning and it seemed like a done deal.

But ever since our experience on the Royal this past year we have been reminiscing about what an amazing trip that was.  We both would say how great it would be to do it again.  Bernie commented recently about how sad he was that we would have to miss it next year.

Then during one of our hikes (where we seem to talk a lot about travelling) Bernie says "I think we should go back to the Royal and the Caribbean in January."  WHAT -- I kept saying are you sure, what about your big trip to Peru.  He keeps saying "I will be just as happy on the Royal, and Peru can wait until later, maybe the Fall or maybe once we retire and we are not limited with scheduling.  We need vacations right now where we can relax and rejuvenate ourselves before heading back to work".  
So we booked three legs starting January 9 till Feb 8.

Jan 9

Jan 19

Jan 29

So this was booked and when Bernie found out that the next sailing was a seven day cruise (actually the two sailing after these are 7 days). He said we should do the first leg and do the Eastern 7 day itinerary that goes to Nassau and St. Maarten.  It has been forever since we were at these two ports and since they usually happen on a 7 day cruise and we tend not to do 7 day voyages in the Caribbean we should do it.  

After some discussion I agreed.  I think I have created a cruise monster.  Seems like the tables have turned and Bernie is the one talking me into cruises.  

We were able to find a great deal on air from Vancouver at around $480 each so that was a good thing.  

Since we have confirmed these voyages, we have informed friends of ours and we have people joining us that we care about on each leg.  Also since booking we both comment that we are happy we made this decision and it was the right one.

To learn more about past trips or ports click on the port labels on the left had side to pull up a list of all blogs where we visited that port.  

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