Saturday, July 25, 2015

Shopping for Treats at Purdy's Chocolates

As many of you know Bernie loves to treat the crew on board Princess ships with a small treat.  Since we have been fans of Purdy's Chocolates for a very long time because they are made locally by unionized workers we shop there for our treats.

At their warehouse on Kingsway St. in Vancouver they have a factory store where we head to stock up on items as we can then use our discount card.

The other day we stopped in to stock up.  As soon as we entered we were greeted by two woman -- Susan and Sue.  Since were we there early we were the only people in the store and the two were very helpful in helping us pick out some items.

When we explained what we were up to Sue said she thought she remembered us from before.  

We pick up around $50 worth of chocolates.  Some small individually wrapped chocolate with a Maple Leaf, some chocolate bars, and some small boxed chocolates.

It is just a small token of thanks we love to surprise the crew with.  Just a little something to say "hey we appreciate you".  

Now before all the comments come in, yes we leave the tips in place and we often tip more to those who go over and above.  Nothing in my opinion warrants taking the tips off.  But these chocolates are just a small treat to brighten their day.

One time we handed out small chocolates that were wrapped in a foil that had a Santa Claus on it. When we ran into this crew member later in the cruise she commented that she took that foil and flattened it out nicely and put it up on her cabin wall.  Wow... so see this small acknowledgement made a difference to her and this is why we do it.

So we are now stocked for our next adventure..... hardest thing is staying out of the stash before we leave cause their chocolates are amazing.

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  1. I did my Purdy's shop yesterday, Vickie, and posted photos on my FB page and mentioned you. Thanks.