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Video of our South America Grand Adventure

I am finally getting around to putting together the slide show of our South America trip.  It was such a long voyage with so many pictures and videos.  

I can happily say that it is done.

Here is Part 1

Part 2

Part Three

3 Days or 7 Guess Which One Won

We have been planing a get away this September, or at least it has been in the back of our minds for quite some time. 

We have friends coming in September and we can't wait to see them so we needed to work around their schedule as it was way more important to see them than to cruise.

After some research we had narrowed it down to a three day cruise to San Francisco, but the price was higher than normal and it had one stop in Victoria which made the port/taxes higher too.  So a three day trip was working out to be $300 just for the cruise.  Then add on a hotel in San Francisco to extend the vacation by one night and then the one way flight home and the cost rises.

The other day while searching cruises I saw that the Crown Princess (the ship we spent 49 days on this year) is doing seven day California Coastals.  Even though this is not a preferred or exotic itinerary, it is a nice and relaxing itinerary.  It is a chance to really relax and not feel the urge to get off in every port and…

Touring Our City with the Crown Princess

Yesterday the Crown Princess was in and I was finally off so we coordinated with some crew on board to show them around.

We arrived at the pier early (around 8) as we were not sure what time they would be able to get off. While standing on the overhead walkway we saw Al Katz the guest entertainer we became friends with many years ago. We knew he was coming in and had hoped we could see him before he flew up to Juneau to meet the Golden.

He had some time before he had to catch his bus to the airport so we hung out at Starbucks and enjoyed catching up with each other.

After we said goodbye to Al we walked around and then went and waited just outside security for Thais and Beatrice.  

But after spending 49 days on this ship this year we recognized quite a few faces.  

We saw our cabin steward coming out with all his bags and I smiled not sure where or what department he was from. Then he smiled back and said hi and it came right back. Yup our Cabin Steward who said "I won't forget yo…

Mexican Riviera Here We Come

Next trip is planned.

We are heading to one of our favorite countries - MEXICO in November. We love it here, the people, the food, the weather, the music. Well you name it we love it.  

Originally we were looking at all inclusive holidays for two weeks in Mexico but a few things changed our minds.

Don't really think we can handle being in the same place for two whole weeks. We really want to see a lot more places and we can't really handle being on the beach every day.Often we like to do things separately and cruising allows us to do this knowing that the other person is okay. On a land vacation we are pretty much always together. I would never head off and do my own thing in port (I could but I just wouldn't).We normally would stay at a four star all inclusive in Mexico but the level of service we experience on a ship is far above that. Sure we have to pay for our own drinks on board but we still come out ahead after all is said and done.Lastly the cost of a two week all inc…

Meeting New People - A Challenge to Myself

Yesterday I listening to CBC Radio and the whole topic was about how focused we all are as a society on ourselves and how we don't engage and meet as many strangers as we use to.  They were interviewing a guy who is blogging about his challenge to meet and chat with a new stranger every day. Here is his link:  The Stranger Project link.

Also I have some friends who I have sailed with independently who just happen to be on the same cruise right now. They were both posting to their Facebook page about their embarkation and I thought "hey here is a chance for them to meet". I sent out a group private message to the two couples and they arranged to meet on board and they even had dinner last night in the Crown Grill. I knew they would get along as they had similar values, and of course they did. Here is a picture Larry posted today of them.  

This got me thinking.

When we cruise we meet new people when we are forced to meet new people. Like when we choose to sit with others at …