Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mexican Riviera Here We Come

Next trip is planned.

We are heading to one of our favorite countries - MEXICO in November. We love it here, the people, the food, the weather, the music. Well you name it we love it.  

Originally we were looking at all inclusive holidays for two weeks in Mexico but a few things changed our minds.

  • Don't really think we can handle being in the same place for two whole weeks. We really want to see a lot more places and we can't really handle being on the beach every day.
  • Often we like to do things separately and cruising allows us to do this knowing that the other person is okay. On a land vacation we are pretty much always together. I would never head off and do my own thing in port (I could but I just wouldn't).
  • We normally would stay at a four star all inclusive in Mexico but the level of service we experience on a ship is far above that. Sure we have to pay for our own drinks on board but we still come out ahead after all is said and done.
  • Lastly the cost of a two week all inclusive is quite high and we can cruise for much cheaper. Also the great on board credits we get from our travel agent, from our future cruise deposit, our loyalty and our stocks goes a long way to covering most of our on board expenses - well almost.

We saw this itinerary and we both really wanted to book it. It visits ports we have been to but also goes to La Paz a place we have never been. Also Loreto is a town we went to a long time ago for a two week holiday and we are looking forward to seeing it again.

The ship is the Grand Princess and we have sailed on her but we have not sailed on her since she had her huge dry dock where they removed Skywalkers and put in a few new places. So I am anxious to see a "new" ship.

One other thing we are going to do is head to Disneyland prior to the cruise. My last visit to Disneyland was in 1970 and I have a feeling it has changed a bit. Hubby isn't crazy about going, he really isn't into rides but he says he wants us to go there now as it fits in perfectly. Also fingers are crossed some friends can meet up with us there. 

And who knows if the prices drop on the short Mexican cruise that leaves LA on the 20th we may jump on that too as our vacation time is two weeks and going on a cruise is cheaper than staying at a hotel in Los Angeles. Stay tuned.


  1. Did you drive a Skoda in the 70s? If you are the Vickie I remember I'll see Nov 9 on the Grand.

    1. i wish, now that is a cool car... but no that wasn't me. I was living in Quebec at the time attending school