Sunday, June 8, 2014

Touring Our City with the Crown Princess

Yesterday the Crown Princess was in and I was finally off so we coordinated with some crew on board to show them around.

We arrived at the pier early (around 8) as we were not sure what time they would be able to get off. While standing on the overhead walkway we saw Al Katz the guest entertainer we became friends with many years ago. We knew he was coming in and had hoped we could see him before he flew up to Juneau to meet the Golden.

He had some time before he had to catch his bus to the airport so we hung out at Starbucks and enjoyed catching up with each other.

After we said goodbye to Al we walked around and then went and waited just outside security for Thais and Beatrice.  

But after spending 49 days on this ship this year we recognized quite a few faces.  

We saw our cabin steward coming out with all his bags and I smiled not sure where or what department he was from. Then he smiled back and said hi and it came right back. Yup our Cabin Steward who said "I won't forget your name as it is the same as my wife's name". He is heading home back to the Philippines, safe journey I say as he rolls his bags to the bus.

Beatrice comes out after doing an early shift at the International Cafe dressed to the nines and the shoes! Thankfully we won't be walking too too much. I walk with her to Starbucks and we sit and catch up while Bernie waits for Thais.

Thais also works in the International Cafe but today is the day she is going home. We had offered to transport her to the airport and show her around Vancouver for a bit before her late night flight home to Brazil.

While sitting at Starbucks we ran into a few other friends... Mark our waiter from the dining room and James from the photo department. Bernie also got to see Francesco while waiting for Thais.

We quickly got in the car and heading out as Beatrice only had another hour and a half before she has to get back on board for her next shift.

Out to Stanley Park for a quick drive around and a few photo stops. Then down to English Bay and then along Davie and over to Yaletown, Chinatown, Downtown Eastside and then Gastown before dropping her off at the pier.  

We hug goodbye and we will be seeing her again this season for sure.

Now we have more time so we are back in the car with Thais and we drive to Spanish Banks beach and the University of British Columbia grounds.  

We head down to Granville Island (boy was it busy here) and we walk around and end up having a lovely lunch on the patio at Bridges restaurant.  

A drive thru Shaughnessy and then up to Queen Elizabeth Park (which was busy with a grad class taking pictures for their prom).  

We still have more time so we head South to Steveston and grab some ice cream and walk the pier and check out the daily catch and the sights.

Off to the airport and big hugs and wishing her all the best.

We don't know when we will see Thais again but we were so honoured to have met her and been able to show our city to her.  

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