Thursday, June 12, 2014

3 Days or 7 Guess Which One Won

We have been planing a get away this September, or at least it has been in the back of our minds for quite some time. 

We have friends coming in September and we can't wait to see them so we needed to work around their schedule as it was way more important to see them than to cruise.

After some research we had narrowed it down to a three day cruise to San Francisco, but the price was higher than normal and it had one stop in Victoria which made the port/taxes higher too.  So a three day trip was working out to be $300 just for the cruise.  Then add on a hotel in San Francisco to extend the vacation by one night and then the one way flight home and the cost rises.

The other day while searching cruises I saw that the Crown Princess (the ship we spent 49 days on this year) is doing seven day California Coastals.  Even though this is not a preferred or exotic itinerary, it is a nice and relaxing itinerary.  It is a chance to really relax and not feel the urge to get off in every port and explore till we drop.  This would ensure that we enjoy a week away from work.

The price was really right too.... starting at $562 thru my agent with an on board credit to boot.  Round trip air fare was only about $50 more than the one way flight would of cost.  But we now need to fly out of Seattle so we need to add in the cost of parking down there and hotel.

It is a long time between trips - beginning of April to end of September but we know that we have a few booked for the Fall and Winter.  Plus it is difficult for us to get time off during the summer months in our job.  Plus our house sitter is able to stay here more easily during the school year so she can attend college just a short walk from our place, so it all works out.

We are also excited to renew the friendships with many of the crew that we sailed with this year.   

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