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Cruise Planning and Organization

So many people have asked me thru the years how I keep things so organized and how do I keep track of every thing.

Many years ago a good friend who also loves to cruise showed me her Cruise Binder and I have done something similar but tweaked it a bit to more of my needs.

Here is a short video I did up about my cruise binder on my Youtube Channel.

Make sure to check it out and share it with your cruise friends.

Link to Youtube video

Trip to South America - Florida

With the trip coming up I wanted to let you know a bit about our pre cruise information and details.  I decided to write this blog before we left so I can link the hotel website, car rental, port details etc.

First we should start with the fact we are flying to Florida from Vancouver, yeah!!!  I can't remember the last time we flew from Vancouver to Florida.  Well I can remember it was when Princess use to do our air and they would put us up in a hotel the night prior for free.  That was like our 1st, 2nd and 3rd Princess cruise, and that was a long time ago.  But back then when Princess organized the flights we use to have to fly East to Toronto or Montreal then South to Florida.  We hated that itinerary, we encountered flight delays and missed connections because of this routing.  Soon we started planning our own flights and with that it was always more economical to fly out of Seattle.

So back to this trip.  

Quite a few months ago we booked this air with United.  We leave at 6:24…

My Must Haves To Take On A Cruise

So many people ask me all the time what are some of the items you take on a cruise?

Or they see pictures of our cabin and see an item or two in the picture and ask about it.

So even though I have an album of pictures of those special items on my facebook page Cruising With Princess Cruiseline with Vickie I decided to do a short video on my Youtube channel to share it for anyone who wants to learn more about the items.

This also gave me the opportunity to explain why we take each item.

Hope you enjoy.

My To Do List

Okay how many of you do to do list?  Come on admit it?  

Where do you write these list?  

For me I write them almost everywhere.... on a post it, on my iphone, on my tablet, on a blank piece of paper in the kitchen, and then they get written on the real list in a spiral notebook.

I have to admit the list thing has become more of a necessity as I have gotten older cause well I forget things.... now what was I saying?

Also the other reason is there are so many things I need to do before we go that it occupies my thoughts and unless I put it down on paper I will obsess (yeah obsess, just ask my husband) until I write it down.  Cause I will forget it.... now what was I saying?

So since I am pretty sure some of you go thru this too, here is my list so you can obsess along with me.

pay cities utility taxes (cause they are due while we are away - this involves calling City Hall to find out how much they are cause the bill doesn't even come out till late Feb).pay all bills in advanceprogram PVR…

One Month, Well One Month and Two Days

Yeah just over a month, one month and two days till we leave.  But who is counting.  Don't know why I am so excited about this trip.... sure I always look forward to all my trips and sure we talk about it.  But I am so excited about this voyage.  

WELL I SHOULD BE EXCITED I am going back to South America!

We really enjoyed our last trip around the horn; although there was a few issues that were beyond our control.  This time we know what to expect and this has given us some peace of mind and also the knowledge to know what to do where and what NOT to do and where.

The things I am really looking forward to:

Over 50 days away from work, yup no shop talk, no early morning shifts, no rude passengers on board, no uniform - yup 50 days baby.

Seeing good friends again - yes I am talking about Barb and Craig and also Jan and Michael.

Seeing Rio de Janeiro again during Carnival and actually getting to go the Sambadromo Parade to see the parades!

Reading lots of books

Seeing all the wildlife.  The …

Woke Up Dreaming About Our Cruise

Had a wonderful dream last night.  When I woke up this morning I was in a good mood.  What did I dream of?  I dreamt we got on board the ship and they had upgraded us to a full suite.  

Now what are the chances of that happening.  Very unlikely, but hey it was a dream!

We still don't have cabin assignment.  The cruise is sold out and has been for quite a while.  But normally when we have a guarantee we don't get assignment until around a week prior.  So I will wait patiently.

But the chances of moving from a BE Balcony Guarantee to a Full Suite will probably only occur in my dreams.

What do you think?  

Planning for South America

As many of you know we are heading back to South America.

So much to do before we leave.  A few new things or maybe I should say different things to accomplish before we head out this time.

First we don't need to get a Brazilian Visa cause well we already have one.  But I will say it was cumbersome to do and a lot of details and boxes to check off and submit.  Note you need to contact your Brazilian consulate in your country and perhaps even in your province or state.  For me in Vancouver I had to contact the one for Western Canada which was thankfully in Vancouver.  Each location seems to have different requirements.  I know you can go with a visa service but that would double the cost, if not more of the visa and you still need to get all the necessary documents yourself then they just submit it.  Save yourself the money and submit it yourself.  So any ways, we have our Visas for Brazil and they are good for five years so this is one reason we decided to go back cause well we have…