Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Woke Up Dreaming About Our Cruise

Had a wonderful dream last night.  When I woke up this morning I was in a good mood.  What did I dream of?  I dreamt we got on board the ship and they had upgraded us to a full suite.  

Now what are the chances of that happening.  Very unlikely, but hey it was a dream!

We still don't have cabin assignment.  The cruise is sold out and has been for quite a while.  But normally when we have a guarantee we don't get assignment until around a week prior.  So I will wait patiently.

But the chances of moving from a BE Balcony Guarantee to a Full Suite will probably only occur in my dreams.

What do you think?  


  1. Keep the hope. it happened to us in 2012. Caribbean Princess NYC departure to Canada. Had the St. Thomas Suite for a week!