Sunday, January 12, 2014

My To Do List

Okay how many of you do to do list?  Come on admit it?  

Where do you write these list?  

For me I write them almost everywhere.... on a post it, on my iphone, on my tablet, on a blank piece of paper in the kitchen, and then they get written on the real list in a spiral notebook.

I have to admit the list thing has become more of a necessity as I have gotten older cause well I forget things.... now what was I saying?

Also the other reason is there are so many things I need to do before we go that it occupies my thoughts and unless I put it down on paper I will obsess (yeah obsess, just ask my husband) until I write it down.  Cause I will forget it.... now what was I saying?

So since I am pretty sure some of you go thru this too, here is my list so you can obsess along with me.

  • pay cities utility taxes (cause they are due while we are away - this involves calling City Hall to find out how much they are cause the bill doesn't even come out till late Feb).
  • pay all bills in advance
  • program PVR for shows we just can't miss - Yes I need to find out who Juan gives his final rose too (don't judge me)
  • clean house (I can't leave a messy house)
  • put together list of things for house sitter
  • inform Strata that we are away, and let neighbours know too 
  • wash car (don't know why but the car needs to be clean for when we come back)
  • buy chocolates for crew as little treats
  • do up business cards (cause so many people we meet on board ask) with my info on it with, Youtube channel, my blog (you are reading it right now) and facebook page --- WHAT you don't know about my cruising facebook fan page, well here it is.  Cruising Princess Cruise Line with Vickie
  • Hair cut
  • Pedicure/manicure
  • Pull out clothes and try everything on to make sure it fits and it is practical and so I don't bring five black tshirts.
  • Iron all the above - I know how weird is that, I never iron, but for some reason things need to be ironed before I throw it in a suitcase and squish it and make it wrinkled.
  • Update Ipod with songs, playlists etc
  • Add books onto Kindle so I will not run out of books while away, heck I can never have enough books
  • Charge all batteries, camera, fitbit, ipods, laptop
  • Add movies to laptop to watch while at sea relaxing in the cabin.
  • Send out birthday cards to those whose birthday falls while we are away.
  • Get US money
  • Confirm all the tours
  • Clean out fridge
  • Print out cruise documents and luggage tags

oh and a few other things to do with work but our job has it's own terminology and no one except us understands it
So am I forgetting something?  Help cause I will obsess unless I write it down.

All kidding aside, this is a list I usually do for every voyage.  And so far we haven't forgotten anything - so far, now watch me forget something this time.  

Thanks for reading.... now off to bed 


  1. I'm the same way ... have to write a master list that keeps getting added onto even as I scratch items off. Which reminds me ... I'd better go add to make sure that all the camera and video equipment have synchronized dates.

  2. Stop the mail delivery. Stop the newspaper. Turn off the water. Set the thermostat. Set the house alarm. Run the garbage disposal one last time.

    1. great tips to add, thankfully we don't get that much mail, we don't get a newspaper as we leave for work hours before the paper gets delivered. And this time we have someone staying here while away so that helps.

  3. I'm sure you are all up to date, but Passports/expiry dates are always on my list. Also perscriptions!!

    1. yes good point about passports, and oh yeah my perscription, that is one thing I forgot, and is now added.