Sunday, January 12, 2014

One Month, Well One Month and Two Days

touching the foot of the Indian in Punta Arenas guarantees are return visit - guess it worked

Yeah just over a month, one month and two days till we leave.  But who is counting.  Don't know why I am so excited about this trip.... sure I always look forward to all my trips and sure we talk about it.  But I am so excited about this voyage.  

WELL I SHOULD BE EXCITED I am going back to South America!

We really enjoyed our last trip around the horn; although there was a few issues that were beyond our control.  This time we know what to expect and this has given us some peace of mind and also the knowledge to know what to do where and what NOT to do and where.

Us in the Falklands at Volunteer Point with King Penguins

The things I am really looking forward to:

  • Over 50 days away from work, yup no shop talk, no early morning shifts, no rude passengers on board, no uniform - yup 50 days baby.

  • Seeing good friends again - yes I am talking about Barb and Craig and also Jan and Michael.

  • Seeing Rio de Janeiro again during Carnival and actually getting to go the Sambadromo Parade to see the parades!

  • Reading lots of books

  • Seeing all the wildlife.  The last voyage we saw so much wildlife, and so many species we have never seen before.  Can't wait to see again.

  • The total relaxation that being on a cruise for this long with lots of sea days brings.

  • Good food, great wine from many of the ports, and seeing so many great crew that make our special voyage extra special.

  • Seeing all the glaciers in Southern Hemisphere.

  • Getting to see Peter, Johan, Felipe, Sanja, and Claudio on board again!!!  Our Princess family.

  • Also to see so many different countries with such a variety of cultures, history, languages. To try the local cuisine, and drink... yup got to test who makes the best Pisco again.

Buenos Aries
So am I excited well, YES.  Stay tuned while I countdown the trip and I share what we will be doing in each port.

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