Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday May 11 - At Sea

We have a restful sleep and are awake early but anything past 3:30 is sleeping in for us as that is the time our alarm usually goes off at.  We awake today around 6 and we both comment on what a good sleep we had. 

It is overcast outside, and foggy and in the distance I can hear the fog horn - since we have a more aft cabin it is less noticeable, but for those up front you would certainly hear it.  Looks like it is either raining slightly or there is spray coming from the ocean.  But we don't care we are on a ship and we don't have to work.

We tune into the morning show and it is nice to see Richard Joseph the cruise director and he is even doing wake show questions.  

After a quick glance at the Patters we see that Zumba is happening at 8 am and I force myself to get up and head to it.  I loved doing it on other ships and want to see how this ship compares.  First it is held in the Universe Lounge (which has a much larger area to work with) and Eve is hosting it and she has a huge following from the Panama cruise and we get into it.  It went on for 40 minutes and we all worked up a good sweat.

I wander down to the coffee bar where of course I run into Bernie who is sipping his tea.  I get my latte and relax for a bit, and I swear an hour passed in a minute.

After a quick shower I need some food but it is pretty much lunch soon so I hold off and head up to the Horizon Court for a bite.  

There is a Holiday at Sea sale today and I pop my head in and I am surprised at how quiet it is, but I am sure with the 700 in transit from the Panama many have already done their buying.   

I wish I could say we did something exciting but we really didn't.  We just relaxed, read, had coffee, chatted with passengers and well that is about it.    Oh we did run into Joel the Executive Chef down in the International Cafe and we caught up with what has been happening with him.  

We decide to head to the Grapevine Wine Tasting and are sat with six other people and we had a nice afternoon there, but it was all the same wines.  Really enjoyed when the Emerald had a few different wines to try.  

When we get back to our cabin we see that they have delivered some chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries courtesy of Executive Chef Joel.  How sweet!  We decide to enjoy our champagne tonight before dinner in the cabin and it goes very well with the chocolates.  Thanks Joel!

Tonight since we are not that hungry and since we had a nap after that champagne we decide to head to the 7:45 Spotlight Showtime featuring Comedian Phil Tag.  We rarely go to the early show and we are shocked when we walk in at 7:40 that the place is PACKED.  We are told by the staff that it is okay to sit in some of the rear rows that are reserved for those with disabilities.  So we take a seat and the show starts very soon after. 

I am impressed that Richard Joseph the CD actually came out on stage to do the introduction.  That is one thing I was disappointed with in Lee Childs, he prerecords his intros and only makes a physical appearance at the end.  So thank you Richard we liked seeing you prior and after the show.

The comedian Phil Tag had his moments but all in all it was 45 minutes I would of rather have been doing something else.  Bernie liked him more than I, but humour is such a personal thing so give him a chance if you run into him on board.

After the show we head into the dining room for dinner and agree to sit with others.  We are sat at a table for six with two other couples, one from Alberta and one from California.  We enjoyed each other's company and getting to know each other better. 

For dinner I had the French Onion Soup to start and it was okay, very salty (which seems to be a trend on this ship), a nice salad, then for my entree I had the Pad Thai and it was good (but too salty again).  I opted out of the dessert and got my cheese plate instead.

One thing we notice is the menu is a combination of items from other menus.  Like they had escargot and then other items that are normally on different menu nights.  Guess with this three day repo they looked at what they could put together and made up new menus for it.  

We wander the ship dropping in on various venues to see what is happening but nothing really grabs us.  We are in bed at 11:30.

Other things happening tonight; MUTS is showing Life of Pi (but the weather really made this impossible to enjoy); Rock and Roll Night in Universe; Music and Dancing with Phoenix Rising; Dan Hodge in Crooners and Light Jazz with Celine DeeAz Quartet in Bayou Bar.  

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