Friday, January 11, 2019

Thursday - Day in Fort Lauderdale

Bea Damn felt left out so here she is everyone!

We wake and for a second I have to figure out exactly where we are?  Oh yeah - Fort Lauderdale.

I couldn't find my glasses tonight and then it dawned on me, I left them at the hairdressers at Sawgrass.  I called them and sure enough, yup I left them there.  So a quick trip back to the mall to pick them up.  Thankfully I remembered and I still don't know how I left them there and did not realize I had left them there.  Either my eyes are getting better or I did not try to read anything.  I hate getting older.

We then are heading closer to the port area to visit Ultimate Nail Salon on 17th street.  We both get pedicures and we now feel like we are on vacation!

Oh I should mention the weather.  It was rather cold yesterday - well not as cold as it was in Nova Scotia or Toronto for that matter but cold for the locals.  It is funny to see so many with big winter coasts and even woolen hats on!  For us we just put on a sweater or light jacket and we are fine.  

In the early afternoon we are back at the apartment to relax at bit.  We have been busy and we need to get a few things done here.  First is all the paperwork that is needed for the insurance claim.  They certainly don't make it easy to submit a claim but it is done and we will drop it in the mail tomorrow before we board.

I also wanted to go over my St. Thomas presentation.  You see I have volunteered to do that presentation on the upcoming cruise as we visit St. Thomas on Tuesday and it is good practice for me and it will benefit the passengers.

I am excited too because a friend - John Ripper just messaged me to tell me his son Eric who recently joined Princess as a videographer (now a senior videographer) will be joining the Royal January 26.  Can't wait to meet him and then also excited because John and his wife are hoping to sail with him and us!  

Also we heard from friends Ted and Nancy that they just recently booked the South Pacific Cruise we are on for a great price!  

I forgot to tell you all that we booked that cruise for a great deal of a $100 a day for an ocean view and then three days later (just before final payment) the price dropped another $150 each and our agent got us a refund.  Way to go Connie.

Okay back to today.  

We decided to try a restaurant close by called No Name Tacos.  It had been rated highly in Yelp and we wanted to go somewhere close, not too big, and noisy and it met our needs and then some.

Haven't been down to the beach yet so we take a drive down along the beach and back.  Things are just starting to get going, it is early and this old couple is ready to call it a night.  

Back at the apartment around 10 pm we put on our pjs on and watch a bit of Youtube.  I catch up on my blogs and look for my luggage tag holders.  You would think I would of put them in an obvious place!  Nope, can't find them.  Oh well I found the tape and we will just use that.

Tomorrow we have to return the car and then head to the pier.  We are hoping to drop the bags off first.  Great tip if you are renting a car.  Drop your bags off first then return your car and then if you take the shuttle or a taxi you are not worrying about suitcases.

We are at Pier 21 tomorrow as the Caribbean Princess is at Pier 2 - which makes sense since they have Ocean Medallion.  

Well off for the night - cheers everyone!  Thanks for following.

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