Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I am Ready as I Will Ever Be

Today is the day we leave!  Our bags are packed!

This time we made sure to line our suitcase with plastic bag at the bottom and on the top.  I don't want a repeat of our last flight from Halifax to Sydney, Nova Scotia where I bags sat on the tarmac for hours.  When we got home everything was soaked.  Thankfully all important stuff were in bags but it did ruin a book, some paperwork and all our clothes had to be washed.

So I am not taking any chances this time.  

All my items are packed in packing cubes too. I need to be organized this trip as we have numerous time we have to pack up and change cabins.  With cubes I just pack items in it and then place whole thing in the drawer.

It will be  along day.  We purposely booked flights that gave us enough layover between flights (and we have three flights to take) as a cushion because of weather or other delays. 

We leave on a 9:50 am flight to Halifax and we don't arrive in Fort Lauderdale until tonight at 9 pm local time.

We have booked a lovely Airbnb for three nights and have a rental car booked too.  The cost of the three nights and the rental car equaled what just under two nights in a hotel would of cost.  So it was a no brainer.  Will post more about the Airbnb later.

Remember if you are interested in booking an Airbnb in the future sign up with this link and save on your first booking, no matter when you book it.  

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