Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Royal Princess Officers List

So many have been asking so I thought I would do up a list of the officers as of the January 12, 2019 sailing.

Captain:  Tony Draper (Nick Nash is coming soon though)
Staff Captain:  Paolo Ansaldi
Chief Engineer Officer:  Gaetano Guida
Hotel General Manager:  Michael Prasse
Entertainment Director:  Ron Goodman
Cruise Director:  Matt O'Brien
Senior Doctor:  Dr. Bronwen Roman (Dr. Dylan Belton arrives on January 26)
Customer Services Director:  Carla Ramos
Food & Beverage Director:  Guy French (he is going on holidays soon)
Staff Engineer Officer:  Vladimir Veljesovski
Chief Electrical Officer:  Giuseppe La Terra Bellina
Executive Housekeeper:  Emmanuel Biag
Executive Chef:  Giovanni Sisto
Maitre D'Hotel:  Federico Arcos (going on holidays Feb 2)
Captain Circle Host:  Patrizia Pometcu

Hope this helps.

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