Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quick Getaway - 7 Day California Coastal Repositioning

About five weeks ago a deal came thru on an email from Princess that we jumped on.  We booked the lowest inside and was assigned the highest inside right away.  Two weeks ago I saw that the price had dropped even more so I called our travel agent and she was able to get us an upgrade to an unobstructed ocean view at no cost.  

So even though final payment had happened it is always a good idea to watch fares and depending on circumstances your agent can go to bat for you to get you something. Don't expect it but if it comes your way enjoy.  It also helped that there were still many cabins available and they wanted to fill the ship.

We are boarding the beautiful Crown Princess again.  You may recall we have been on this ship quite a bit.  We did the 49 day South America trip on her, and we visited her a few times in Vancouver last summer on turn around day, as well as a trip on her last Sept.  

We had a few reasons for booking other than price.  Main one the crew, many of our Princess Family are on board and this is a wonderful way to see them.  The itinerary stops overnight in San Francisco and it gives us a chance to see local friends with the ship being our hotel.  Lastly we needed a few days off work so we can recharge our batteries.

We decided to work Friday and fly out of Vancouver one way (used points) to get to Los Angeles.  We arrive in LA just before 8 pm and will grab a shuttle (cost is usually $17) at the airport to get us to San Pedro and the Crowne Plaza.

Once again we used Priceline - name your own bid to get the hotel in San Pedro.  We got it for a great deal at $83 for the night.  

The next morning we will just walk to the pier (about a 15 min walk) and jump on board. 

This will be our 58th Cruise, with 53 of those with Princess.  
Stops on this itinerary are Catalina, San Francisco, Astoria (first time here) and Victoria before docking in Vancouver.

I have a few concerns about this as the ship is going into drydock at the end of this voyage (in Victoria) and past practices is that the ship starts some of the work on the sailing just prior to the dry dock.  I am trying to stay positive and fingers are crossed and stay tuned to see what impact there is to the passengers.

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