Friday, April 24, 2015

Plans for the Ports On Our Coastal Cruise

We leave on our Coastal Cruise tomorrow and we are visiting four ports -- Catalina, San Francisco, Astoria and Victoria.

We have been to all but this will be our first visit to Astoria. 

After listening to a great podcast from the Cruise Dudes about a visit to Catalina I am excited to head back there and do some of the things they talk about.  I am considering a snorkel trip, but this will be highly dependent on how cold it is.  There is a restaurant I want to go to... The Lobster Trap.  We are also considering visiting the Casino and maybe a hike.

For San Francisco we are there only at 2 pm and are there overnight.  We connected with some good friends who are coming into the city for the night.  We will meet for dinner the first day. 

On the second day we are going to meet up again and head out to Golden Gate Park and then for a nice lunch near the pier - I hear it is Dim Sum, yum. 

Astoria is a highlight.  We have heard great things about it and are looking forward to exploring on foot.  I will visit the tourist information to get lots of information and then walk the board walk and a meal. 

Victoria is a place we have been to numerous time and it is great that the ship docks there cause it is only via cruise ships lately that I get there.  It is hard to get to from Vancouver and not cheap and takes all day.

We are planning some shopping and some walking.  In the evening we are meeting up with friends for drinks and dinner.

So it isn't anything crazy exciting but it is all about relaxing and recharging those batteries. 

I am not bringing my laptop just my tablet.  And since I can post a blog but it is not easy to do with the tablet I am not sure how often you will see blog posts.  But when I get home I will blog each day from my journal notes.

Thanks for following.

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