Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday Night Recap

As I lay here on Sunday morning sipping my latte that Bernie brought me and thought I should update what we ended up doing last night.

We agreed to meet at Crooners.  You see Bernie is always ready way before me so he heads to the lounge and then I finish getting ready and I go meet him.  As soon as I sit down the bar staff come over and they recognize us from earlier this year.  So hard to believe how many have been on since we got on last February, but they are going home soon.

I had my first Bramble martini of the trip and we sat there listening to this amazing Mariachi band in the Piazza, and have to say it was lovely.  Hard to sit still and not dance in your seat, in fact everyone I look at is getting into the mood.

We head to Da Vinci and we are lead to table 449 and we are looking for Mark and Lorelei who are hiding behind their station and surprise us.  Huge hugs and kisses.  Lorelei is such a dear, a lovely woman who is from the Phillipines and is married with two young boys.  She is missing her family so much but knows that the kids are in good hands with her Mom and will see them soon.  It is amazing the sacrifice that she is doing (and many others here) to provide for her family. 

Bernie hands Mark a big bag of Pistachios cause he loves them, and hands Lorelei a little bit of pampering with some nice bath gels and a hair treatment mask, so she can indulge and relax after a long day.

Laura joins us for a meal, which is great!  We really got to know Laura well and had the pleasure of hosting her in our city in August and then again when she returned to the ship in September.  She is looking great but boy does she work hard. 

We order a lovely bottle of wine – Sancerre.  I ask Mark for his recommendations and giggle cause I am pretty sure I know what they will be and tell Lorelei in secret what they will be and see how well I will do.  Of course he recommends the Spring Roll, ding I am right, Mushroom Soup, ding I am right, Prime Rib, ding I am right three for three.  Mark is blushing, saying oh you know me too well. 

Bernie had a three melon cocktail, the mushroom soup and the ricotta/leek tart and enjoy all three.  I had the spring rolls, Caesar salad and the ricotta/leek tart too.  Everyone was great and tasty.  For dessert I had the cheese plate and the last of my wine.  Mark kept trying to get me to enjoy something sweet but I am happy. 

We are blessed, truly blessed as we sit there so many staff come up to say hi and hug us.  Word has passed down to the Michelangelo dining room that we are here and even a few have come up from there to say hi to us as the dining room quiets down.  Wow – I know our Princess family is what keeps us coming back time and time again. 

As we head out of the dining room I realize oh I am tired, it has been a long day and I have had a few drinks.  We chat with Anthony in Vines and see Mark and Lisa at their usual table.  We met them earlier in the day.  They are from Washington State just south of us and they have been following my blog and Anthony introduces us.  They are a lovely couple and look forward to getting to know them better.

Off to the cabin…. And we see that we have received our invitation for the Most Travelled Party which is going to be held on Tuesday and it is a luncheon.  Not sure what the cut off number is what number we are but just happy that we are included.  If I happen to get a chance to talk to the Captain Circle Host I will ask but she is very busy every time we pass her so not sure if I will be able to get that info.

I forgot to mention that they are laying new wiring for the wifi on board and there is a warning in the Patter that internet could be intermittent.  The signal is poor into my cabin currently and I am having issues with uploading pictures so that may have to wait until I am home.  

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