Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Evening

We are back at the pier around 1 pm and we are on within 20 minutes.  Very smooth.

We are in our cabin E229 which is an obstructed view cabin, with a very good view over a lifeboat.  Our cabin steward Teddy introduces himself.  We ask about our bed.  The bed is horrible, big sag and definitely past it’s prime.  He offers an egg crate foam to put over it but we know that won’t do much.  We suggest a board under the mattress to help with the sag and a new mattress if they can.  But later he says there are no spare mattresses until San Diego.  Boy we have been having great experiences with mattresses for a long time now and thought that Princess had learned and had improved their beds, but I guess not.  Thankfully this is only a seven day trip and we should muddle thru, but stay tuned.

Teddy got us the top sheet for the bed, extra towels and the room looks in great shape.

We walked around the ship a bit and ran into so many people who remember us and many who are from other ships that we are seeing again. 

Muster drill was at 3:30 and we needed to bring our life jackets so I guess the “no life jackets” is not fleet wide yet.  Our Muster Station was the Casino where we saw James McKay as one of the guides.  He is the Platinum Studio photographer and he is getting off in a few days but I am glad we got to see him.

With Ju Ju
Sail away is happening up on deck.  We see Andrew from the Cruise Staff.  The band is great they are called “Lots of Fun”.  We didn’t win anything in the drawing but glad for those who did.

Sail away was lovely but we want to head up to the Elite Lounge in Skywalkers.  Tonight’s drink is the Breeza Marina, but we both order other drinks, me a Mojito, Bernie a Cosmopolitan and we grab some finger foods.  The place is busy but the views are stunning and we are there early, many of the early seating cruisers are here and head out soon for dinner.  Two waiters recognize us from our South America cruise and hugs and a catch up are in order.


We try to visit Sabatinis and make a reservation but the doors are closed and we can’t talk to anyone, and note they were supposed to be open at 5:30 but were not.  We do head down to the Crown Grill and make a reservation for tomorrow. 

Note formal nights are Sunday and Thursday for those doing this itinerary.

When we get back to the cabin we try to call the reservation line for Sabatinis but again we just can’t get anyone to pick up.  Will have to try later.

I am pleased that we are going to be able to have Mark Joseph as our waiter again in the dining room.  The MaĆ®tre D’ Federico Arcos Cantos just called to confirm we have a table in Mark’s section.  Another reason we love Princess.

They are really doing a great job of informing people about the All Inclusive Drink Package.  We received a small paper when we ordered a drink earlier that explained the package.  Also in our cabin there was a flyer with all the drink options and food options that are extra.  They explain the coffee card, the Soda Package, the All Inclusive Drink Package, Grapevine Wine Tasting, Wine Flights at Vines, Sabatinis, Crown Grill, Crab Shack and the Sanctuary.  I will scan it when I get home and post it.

The passengers are a great mix of all ages, and quite a few kids.  Not a ton of kids but certainly more than what we saw on longer cruises.  I would guess about 50 to 75 kids are on board.  It is really nice to see such a range of ages.

Da Vinci was open today for lunch.  Michelangelo is open early afternoon for dining room enquiries. 
They have an internet embarkation special – buy a package and get an additional 40 minutes free.

The officers are:  Captain Heikki Laakkonen, Staff Captain David Galloway, Chief Engineer Giovanni Salvemini, Hotel General Manager Claudio Mazzoni, Cruise Director Billy Hygate, Food & Beverage Manager Francesco Grasso, Customer Services Director Cara Winter, Staff Engineer Pietro Di Fusco, Executive Housekeeper Antonio Martins Pimpao, Executive Chef Manilo Cuzzolin, Maitre d’Hotel Federico Arcos Cantos.

We don’t really have any big plans for tonight, dinner and then who knows what.  Trust me this trip is all about relaxation. 

But for those interested the Patter lists for tonight:  MUTS The Fault in Our Stars, Crimson Duo in Wheelhouse, Melodies with Desperado Trio in the Piazza, Welcome Aboard Showtime (two times 8 and 10) with comedian Carl Banks, Live Music with Lots of Fun in Explorers, Welcome Aboard Trivia Famous Faces Club Fusion, Body Strength & Balance Duo Ronin in Piazza, Piano Entertainer Liam Stewart, Karaoke in Club Fusion, Disco in Skywalkers. 
Some specials:  2 days only in boutiques, save an extra 10% off your tax and duty free purchases of $100 or more.  Lotus Thermal Suite is $129 for 7 day package.  Chef’s Table is $95.  Get all your photographs this cruise for $149.99 – 20 prints.

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