Monday, May 12, 2014

Over 5,000 Days at Sea - Wow

I just heard today from one of my Facebook Fans on my page Cruising Princess Cruiseline With Vickie that Princess' Most Travelled Passenger Lorraine Arzt had passed away. Here is the Link to the story that was posted.  

Lorraine Arzt had over 5,000 days at sea with Princess.  She was so loyal to Princess that they even named her God Mother of the Royal Princess in 2007.  

I had never met Lorraine but I knew many crew that spoke of her.  She was a fixture on the Royal with "her" own cabin.  She personalized her cabin with items from home to make it more personal.

After her husband passed away she continued to travel alone.  She would request certain crew to accompany her for dinners, to shows and even to excursions on shore.

Crew commented to me that she was lovely and tough, demanding and caring, sweet and harsh.  I guess that can describe most passengers.

I know my partner and I often talk about what it would be like to live on board a Princess ship, but to actually know someone was doing it was kind of neat.  

My condolences go out to the Arzt family for their loss.  And when I say family I also mean her Princess family.

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