Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cruise Card -- What Does It All Mean

You ever wonder what all this information on your cruise card means?  

As soon as you check in you are given a cruise card.  This is invaluable on board.  It allows you to enter your cabin as a key card, it may even keep the lights on in your cabin.  On the Royal and Regal Princess there is a small slot as soon as you enter your cabin to put a cruise card, this means someone is in the cabin and this allows you to use the overhead lights.  

There are four different colored cruise cards.  The different colors represent the Captain Circle Loyalty level you are in.

If it is blue:  first time cruising Princess, but can also mean crew, or someone sailing as one of the crew's friends and family

If it is gold:  you are sailing on your 2nd to 3rd Princess Cruise

If it is ruby: you are sailing on your 4th to 5th Princess cruise or you have sailed over 30 days.

If it is platinum:  you are sailing on your 6th to 15th Princess cruise or you have sailed over 50 days

If it is elite:  you have sailed over 15 times with Princess or you have sailed over 150 days with the line. 

To learn more about the Captain Circle Program Click Here.

At the top of the card, it states you are on the Golden Princess and you are Elite.

Next comes what voyage number this is.  Princess assigns a voyage number to every cruise, this number will be on your cruise documentation, and on ever bill you sign.  To the right is your Muster Station, here it is Muster Station C.

Your full name then appears and your folio number. 

Whenever you buy something you present your card and the crew enter your folio number in the system and the bill will show your full name and your folio number.  It is key to check each bill and the overall bill to ensure that they have entered the correct folio number, mistakes do happen but they are rare.  If a bill shows up that is not something you recognize on your overall statement take to Purser's desk where they can pull up that exact bill and you can see what the bill was for and the signature.  If it is not your signature you can dispute the bill easily.

Next line shows what dining room you have been assigned to. For us we had anytime dining so we are showing this as Any Dining Room that has Anytime Dining.  The far right is the dates of the voyage.

The last line shows your dining room table assignment, again since we have Anytime Dining we are showing Any.  If you had fixed seating it would show your dining room and your table assignment here.

Then on the far right is ypur current Princess Cruises credits.   Each cruise counts as one.  If you sail in a full suite or you sail as a single in a cabin you get two credits.   But for most it represents the total number of cruises as most do not sail in suites or single. In this case this person has done 43 sailing or has 43 cruise creits.  The current voyage is number 44 for him.  The A just means you are an Adult.

No where on the card does it state your cabin number.  This is for your protection.  If the card is lost no one can pick it up and access your cabin cause they don't know the cabin number.  

The card can become demagnetized quite easily so keep it away from any magnet and even those magnets you don't think of, like the clasp in your wallet or the cover for your Ipad.  If it does become inoperable just visit the purser's desk and have them issue you a new one.


  1. Hi Vickie, I'm sorry to disagree but the "A" on the cruise card indicates "Adult". In the past there had been an indicator on cruise cards for passengers under the age of 21 but Princess found the some savvy kids were scraping that off so they decided that rather than indicate who was underage they would note the cruise cards of adult passengers with an "A".

  2. thanks Sharon - my old cards show a and b, but for at least the past ten years they both show A so I was mistaken. Didn't realize the kids didn't have A. Will correct blog, thanks for pointing out

  3. Thanks Vickie....we learn so much from you...looking forward to our next cruise...and your next cruise too !!!

  4. Thanks Vickie....we learn so much from you....looking forward to our next cruise...and your next cruise too !

  5. If you are a minor, your card will be blue as well, even if you haver had many cruises.

  6. There are actually 5 card colors: blue, gold, Ruby, platinum and black.

  7. Actually, there is one other error on the cruise card info. The number in the lower right hand corner of the card (43 in this case) doesn't mean that the person has been on 43 cruises, it means that they have 43 cruise credits. Normally, that would mean 43 cruises but not always. For example, on your 2nd cruise let's say that you cruise by yourself in a cabin. Your cruise card on that cruise would show the number 1 since you had been on 1 cruise already. However, being in the cabin by yourself on this cruise would get you 2 cruise credits so that on your next cruise (which is actually going to be your 3rd cruise) your cruise card will show the number 3 already (1 for your first cruise, 2 more for your 2nd cruise). It's even very possible to have a higher number showing on the cruise card than the number of actual cruises! Confused yet?

    1. Thanks unknown... i did know about this but did not include in original post and i should have. I have edited the post to reflect it, thanks for letting me know. Hapoy cruising