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Thursday May 30 – Galcier Bay

I am up early and I am dressed and out on the Promenade deck to watch as we enter Glacier Bay.  There are a few of us out there and even though it is cold out I am dressed appropriately.  I have jeans, long sleeve top, fleece jacket and my weather proof jacket, gloves come out later. 

As we enter the Bay there is quite a bit of wildlife, we spot whales in the distance, lots of seals right at the surface and numerous birds.

They are serving hot chocolate and coffee out on deck and of course you can spike it with your choice of liquid if necessary.

The park ranger has come on what I like is he is talking intermittently not constantly however the volume is very loud to the point it is hard to make out what he is saying. 

I will add that while travelling in Glacier Bay the rules are very strict.  You are not allowed to bring paper napkins, paper cups, leave food around on the open decks.  This is to ensure that nothing goes overboard or that the birds feed on people food.
We are going in slow…

May 29 – Skagway

Well so much for an early night.After seeing the show – which was amazing we went for drinks with friends in Wheelhouse and we didn’t get back to the cabin until midnight.What happened next has never happened before in all our cruises.The couple next to us were having a big argument, well he was screaming at her.It did not sound good at all, it actually sounded violent and we both grew concern for the safety of the woman.We decided to call the front desk and when we did they took the cabin number and then we know they called the cabin next to us as we could hear the phone ring.Front desk called us back and they said they had called them and that they will quiet down.We told them that yes it was now quiet next door as it seemed that someone had left the cabin.Even though this resolved the situation I was disappointed that security did not come to their cabin to address it as I did state that it sounded really bad.In the end it stopped – and this is the first time we have heard them thi…


It is another early docking but we are not in a real rush to get off and head to the International Dining room for breakfast.  We had a great meal and got to speak with Irma again.  Need a high protein diet so that we have the energy this am for our hike.

Hey and guess what we turn on the morning show and our Jasper Moosejaw is on again.  He is comfortable with Brett.  Guess he is in good hands.

We head ashore just after 9 am and walk towards town and the main bus depot.  We are planning on taking local transit to the Mendenhall Glacier, but I did notice that the price for the local shuttles to the Glacier have gone up considerably.  They are now at $8 each way per person.  Still a reasonable cost considering the ship charges $40 per person and you only get a short time at the glacier.  But since we promote transit as transit drivers we decided to take transit.  The cost is $2 per person each way but you should be aware that the bus drops you about 1.5 miles from the visitor center.  Bu…

Monday May 28 - Ketchikan

We dock very early in Ketchikan but we are sleeping and don’t even notice when we dock.  I throw on some clothes and head just down the hall to get my latte and bring it back to the cabin.
This morning Jasper Moosejaw our mascot is on the morning show.  I video taped it so will put it up on Youtube and link it here. 
We decide to head to the International Dining room for breakfast and just squeak in before it closes the door at 9:30.   I get to see Irma and introduced her to Bernie and gave her a kiss from Ciska, we catch up and promise to come back and say hi again.
A quick stop in the cabin to grab some items and we are off the ship quickly and walking around Ketchikan.  The weather is amazing, couldn’t of picked a better day.  When closer to the water we encountered a breeze, but when we were inland a bit the sun was very hot. 
We walk over to Creek Street and check out a few stores, I buy a lovely long sleeve t shirt with a Haida design on the front.
We climb up a few stairways, Ketc…

Sunday Morning May 26

It is a day at sea and we are sailing up between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia.This is some of the most beautiful scenery ever.Since I am up so darn early (5 am, which is really sleeping in for us since we wake normally at 3:30 for work) I quietly get dressed so I don’t wake Bernie and head out.I walk the promenade deck and just stare and the views.

After awhile I know I need some food so I head up to the Horizon Court and grab a small bite.  A bit of Musselix, half a bagel and fresh fruit. 
Around 6:30 I head down to deck five to the coffee bar and curly up in a chair near the window and read.  The coffee bar on this ship doesn’t open until 7 am and the staff here are just setting things up.  But around 6:45 the bartender says I can get you your beverage now if you wish.  I buy a new coffee card $29 plus 15% gratuity $4.35 total of $33.35 which gives you 15 espresso beverages.
Bernie comes and meets me and he gets his tea and then heads upstairs to get his break…
Saturday May 25, 2013

We arrived at the pier around 11:30 and made our way with our bags to the baggage drop off.  Key was to find the right spot to drop off the bags as there were three ships in port.  We dropped off the bags, and made our way back out to the street and two blocks away to a restaurant where we met up with Connie and Derrick who we have sailed with a few times.  They were in town for a few appointments so we took the opportunity to see them and catch up.  

After lunch we decided to try and board.  It was just before 2 pm and with three ships in port the line for security was longer than normal but it moved continuously and took about 15 minutes to clear security.  Now we wanted to test the wine policy so we purposely brought on three bottles (one more than is allowed without paying the corkage) to see what they are doing at the Port of Vancouver.  When the bag carrying the wine was scanned we were directed to the table just off to the side where we had to show them our …

Saturday May 11 - At Sea

We have a restful sleep and are awake early but anything past 3:30 is sleeping in for us as that is the time our alarm usually goes off at.  We awake today around 6 and we both comment on what a good sleep we had. 

It is overcast outside, and foggy and in the distance I can hear the fog horn - since we have a more aft cabin it is less noticeable, but for those up front you would certainly hear it.  Looks like it is either raining slightly or there is spray coming from the ocean.  But we don't care we are on a ship and we don't have to work.

We tune into the morning show and it is nice to see Richard Joseph the cruise director and he is even doing wake show questions.  

After a quick glance at the Patters we see that Zumba is happening at 8 am and I force myself to get up and head to it.  I loved doing it on other ships and want to see how this ship compares.  First it is held in the Universe Lounge (which has a much larger area to work with) and Eve is hosting it and she has a hu…

May 10 - Evening

After the Muster Drill, which was well the usual.... cards were scanned upon entry, yes people put their life jacket on before they should, it was quick and efficient and a important.

We head up to the top deck for sailaway but as we get up there we both comment how we are hungry and the smells from the pizzeria pull us in.  We each grab a slice of the Margarita pizza and sit and watch some of the action.

We order a drink - remember if you are still within US waters you will be charged an extra tax.  It is easily identified on your receipt and will be broken down on your printout.

We run into Ian who we met on the Emerald at the beginning of the year where he was a member of the photo department.  But he had applied to join the Cruise Director staff and he is now on the Island on his first contract as a deputy cruise director.  We catch up for a bit before he heads to the sail away party.

The atmosphere is surprisingly quiet and was surprised to see that the cruise staff did the draws and…

March 9 - Off to Los Angeles

Since we wanted to head to Los Angeles the day prior to our cruise we had to arrange for a flight after our work today.  We managed to get a flight that left at 16:25 out of Vancouver with Air Canada.  So after getting up at 3:30 am for work!  Yup I start work at 4:44 am every day but I am finished by 12:30.  

Friends picked us up and drove us to the airport (thanks Dave and Yvonne).  With only carryons we quickly cleared security and then US Customs and we had about an hour to kill prior to boarding.  Let the mini break start.

We landed on time and made our way to the shuttle pick up area at LAX.  We had reserved a shared ride with Prime Time Shuttle to our hotel in San Pedro.  Our shuttle arrived at 19:30, right on time and we shared the van with four other people.  Unfortunately with a shared ride we had to head all over and it took an hour and a half to get to our hotel after making two stops prior to ours.  Traffic wasn't bad but having to travel on non highways to make the sto…