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Final Comments and Comparison Between RCI and Princess

First this is my personal experience of the cruise and our experience as a couple that have cruised numerous times, have no kids, I am in my late 40s and Bernie is his mid 50s.

After sailing for a week to the Western Caribbean on Oasis these are my final thoughts.


the bed tvshower stalllights around the mirror, lighting throughout cabin especially bedside lights and the night light in the bathroomcouch in roommagazine/paper rackbalcony furniture and balcony flooringlots of plugs.
Did Not Like:
closet too hard to get into and not very big small bedside tablenot enough drawerscan hear what is happening up on the the pool deck when band is playingTV doesn't have enough channels and miss all the dedicated movie channels and shows that Princess showssink is way too small and very lowno toiletries other than soap is provided unless you askno chocolates every nightno glasses (other than the two in the bathroom) provided in the cabin or napkinsno house coasts provided


wow …

Friday and I am Feeling Lazy

Oh I feel lazy today!  Bernie decides to head out to get breakfast in the Solarium buffet again.  I take my time getting ready.

For my breakfast I go to the Park Cafe and have a breakfast burrito and take it down to Starbucks where I meet up with Bernie.

It is noisy on the Promenade though as Zumba is going on, again the crowds doing the zumba cause a bit of a traffic jam as others try to maneuver past them to the other venues on the Promenade. 

Bernie goes back to the cabin to read.  I head up on higher decks to see the ocean and read.  It is very very windy out.  Lots of people are out getting their last chance of some sun.

I also go out with my camera to get more shots.  I come across the Captain giving his talk in the Opus Theatre.  It started with a very well done professional video showing the behind the scenes like the crew area, engine room, bridge.  I like the video and especially liked that the Captain was the one that offered commentary throughout the video.  After the video h…

Some Pictures Around the Ship and Comments

I have so many pictures I wanted to add some here that I don't have a specific place for during my blog report but some of you may be interested.

The signage throughout the ship is very well done. It is presented easily and clearly so that you can quickly look at it and figure out where you need to go.   This map of the entire ship shows areas throughout the ship as well as a large deck map.  These are located throughout the ship.  By every bank of elevators is this large wall directory with the current deck highlighted.  There are icons for each neighbourhood and the names of each venue.  Note the curved area on the left of the sign.  This curve is all over the ship on signage and it represents the front of the ship so you know which direction to go.  Very smart Oasis.

Of course every day the plate in the elevator floor changed to identify which day it was.  But I don't want to be reminded how quickly the trip is coming to an end. 

Loved these guys but boy are they bad workers…

Thursday - Cozumel Mexico Baby

This review is my own personal experience... if you would like more information about cruising check out my Facebook Fan Page Cruising-Princess-Cruiseline-with-Vickie where knowledgeable cruisers share their experiences.We wake around 8:30 and we must be docked but there is no way to know for sure.  Wish this ship had a bridge cam that showed the pier/island.  There is a channel that has a map and info but the map is not very detailed and it is very hard to read and you can see the Promenade on it, and occasional it flashes out to the water, but at night it is always showing the Promenade.  Definitely miss the detailed map and bridge cam on Princess - at least I could figure out what island we were sailing past etc.We decide to try the Solarium Buffet for breakfast as the Windjammer is showing as being packed.  The Solarium is lovely with healthier options and we can sit outside in the small area they have for the buffet.  The weather outside is not cooperating, it is raining, but …

Wednesday a Precious Sea Day

This review is my own personal experience... if you would like more information about cruising check out my Facebook Fan Page Cruising-Princess-Cruiseline-with-Vickie where knowledgeable cruisers share their experiences.Had another great sleep, slept in, nothing like sleeping at sea.  The rooms are very quiet, we never hear our neighbours.We decide to try the dining room again.  We sit at a table of 8 and meet some very nice people.  Service today was much better and I had their feature item the Onion Quiche and it was very good.  Bernie had his usual, oatmeal, toast and tea and it all arrived hot and he is content.Afterwards we head to Starbucks and pass thru the zumba class that Amy the Cruise Director is leading.  Lots of people attending, she is on a stage and it is easy to see her and follow her moves.  The class is an hour long and she played great and current music.  The only downside is it is right in the middle of the Promenade, the major thoroughfare and it causes a bottl…