Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday Evening

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When we get back to the cabin we order some cheese plates and we crack open one of the two bottles of champagne we brought on.  We toast our excellent voyage so far and to the remaining days.

We both need a nap and we crash for around an hour.  We initially had reservations in the Opus dining room for 6:30 but neither of us feels up to going.

We check the status on the tv on how busy the Windjammer buffet is and from the tv it says it is very busy.  After this morning's episode we cautiously decide to head up anyways, if it is too busy we will go elsewhere. 

But when we arrive it is actually very nice and maybe only a third full (the tv was way off).

We sit and order a bottle of wine from our wine package.  Our server is very attentive getting us water as well as tea and clearing plates when done.

We get our food and overall it is good.  I found the salad bar area tight and hard to reach things, especially items in the back - the area was only about two feet wide and three or four items deep.   But that was my only issue.  Bernie thought the food did not look appealing at all, many dishes had been sitting out for awhile.  Some dishes had food that should be replaced but the chef's just left them there. 

Tonight we have reservations for the Aqua Show.  We get there 20 minutes ahead of time and get good seats and enjoy the show thoroughly.  Amazing what they can do on a ship.

After the show we wander down the promenade and the feature production show is just starting in the Opus Theater.  So we stay for it not knowing what it is.  We are blown away, the bad is called Mo5aic and you can find their web page at  Amazing singers and they do it all with just their voices.  Here is a video of them.

Overall the ship's entertainment is definitely a ten, no more like an 11 or 12.

Off to the cabin, tonight we have a towel animal, still no chocolate and yes we have the three towels.

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