Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday - Labadee

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We wake up just before 8:30 from our alarm clock as we had pre reserved the Breakfast in Bed from our Romance Package.  But 9 am came and still no breakfast.  I call room service to see what is happening.  Of course they never got the request from the head waiter we gave it to yesterday.  They ask for the name of the head waiter and well I can't remember his name.  I remember he is from Indian and it started with an H on Deck 5 in the dining room.  She mentions a name and I say yup that is him.  She says she will check and get back to us. 

Five minutes later she calls and she can't find him and asks for our requests so she can fill it.  I ask for her to tell me what they have again.  I ordered 2 bloody mary drinks, 1 hot tea, 1 cinnamon french toast, 1 western omelet, 1 milk, and 2 orange juices.

It arrives at 9:30 an hour after our original time.  Sadly the french toast is cold.  My eggs were very good, the pastries are nice.  The bloody mary were way too spicy, and we love spice but we couldn't drink them.

Overall my advice, don't waste your money on this romance package.  It has been a pain getting the items and the breakfast was very disappointing.  We did enjoy the champagne and the cupcakes and will enjoy the picture with the frame too. 

Initially I loved that RCI offered all these packages and gifts but since our experience has been so poor we would never do it again or even look at another package.  RCI is really dropping the ball hee, unless they get repeat cruisers to keep booking these packages they are limiting how many will buy them.

Something I just remembered:  RCI has these really cute beer coolers that hold five beers.  You get the cooler with the five bottle of beer package.  He enquires about the cost and finds out that the cooler on it's own is $10, or you save 10% off the cooler ($9) if you get the five beers.  But he doesn't go for it as there is no way to close the cooler, and he does have a similar one at home - I remind him. 

Today we are in Labadee.  first I will discuss the disembarkation.  They have it down pat, and it was so easy, very impressive and sure beats tendering to any private island.  When you get in the elevator you press the button that says gangway and it takes you to the gangway and announces gangway too.  Then there are screens pointing you in the direction of the gangway.  There is a crew member right there advising passengers to have their cruise cards out.  You take a short escalator ride down and there are numerous machines to put your cruise card in and you are off.  This felt so well done that it felt like we were on a ship of a 1,000 instead of 6,000.

The pier is very long.  The resort area is huge!  It certainly didn't feel crowded.  We walked to the end to Adrenaline beach - note there is a small shuttle train that can transport you as well.  We arrive to the beach and one of the staff was quick to get us two chairs and place them just where we wanted.  Have to say this resort is top notch, huge though so be prepared.
complimentary shuttle

The water was lovely, very shallow for a long way, there are lots of rocks but this is normal but if you are sensitive you should wear water shoes.
A few bar staff wandered around but they were selling the day's drink the Labadoozie and that just wasn't something I wanted.  I asked if he had a menu but he didn't so I didn't get anything, but those Labadoozies looked good, I just didn't want another souvenir cup. 

The zip line was right above us, we thought of doing it but after hearing it was $89 per person and you only get to do it once we said no way, we can't justify that cost.  We have done all day zip line trips that included transportation and a meal for $10 more.
our view from our chairs

We originally were going to stay all day but I was breaking out in a rash (figure it was from the sun or something I ate and I needed to get back onboard to get some antihistamines).  So after three hours ashore we wander our way back on board.  They did have a few locations where they were serving the barbecue and it looked good but we didn't try it so can't comment.
We head thru the security check point, now here is an important note.  Don't take off food from the ship and don't bring any back on either.  Even with signs all over and in the Compass the guy in front of us at security had a banana, pear, apple, 2 kiwis and yes 3 hard boiled eggs.  All were confiscated and thrown out.
Once back on board we head to grab a bit to eat at Central Park Cafe, one of our preferred spots to eat.  I had a large salad and jerk chicken wrap and it was just right, and what a nice place to eat on the balcony on central park.
We decide to try out the Solarium and get two lounge chairs and relax.  We have a lovey view of Labadee and it is relatively quiet and we get a chance to really rest.  But it does start to get busier and because the ceiling is glass with intermittent openings sound bounces off it.  I say this because this man in the hot tub near us talked so loudly that everyone around us kept turning and giving him dirty looks, but he didn't get the hint and we all had to listen to him go on and on about his job, and his step kids, and his ex.

Next blog report will be our dinner at Chops. 


  1. Is the Central Park Cafe a extra pay restaurant?

  2. no it is a free venue, it is small and can get very busy though but it has nice quick and reasonably healthy food options