Monday, December 17, 2012

Wednesday Dec 5 - Seattle Bound

As we ofen do we booked flights out of Seattle and since parking for 11 days was going to cost almost as much as it usually does for a month we looked at other options.  After checking around we booked the The Marriott Towne Suites that included 14 days of parking.

As soon as we are on the road I decide to hook up our GPS, one we bought about five years ago (A Tom Tom) only for it not to work at all, won't even turn on!  We have had nothing but problems with it so decide well we are down in the States why not get a new one.  We pull into a Best Buy and buy a Garmond, and it works like a damn.  Love the traffic option which comes in handy as we are in the midst of rush hour traffic when we get to Seattle.

We quickly locate the hotel, which is located in Kent about ten minutes from the airport. 

It is a nice hotel that does long stays and offer small sitting area and kitchenette.  There are a lot of restaurants, stores located nearby and a Starbucks right beside the hotel as well as a 7-11.

We both love Mexican and decide to head to Aztec Restaurant, for which we have eaten at before.  Sadly it has gone down hill.  The restaurant needs a good cleaning, especially the bench seats and carpet.  The food was so so, definitely reheated.  Portions are LARGE so we shared an entree and left full.  Prices are reasonable and they appeared to have a good children's menu. 

Did not sleep well, but then again I never sleep well before any trip.  But tonight I have a stomach ache (probably from the food and I wicked sinus headache, which is usually triggered by a food allergy).

When we wake we head off to get a Starbucks and enjoy in bed while watching tv.  The hotel offers a nice complimentary breakfast.  We have also booked the complimentary shuttle that runs every hour, but believe during busier times it runs more often.

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