Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mediterranean Booked

We didn't know what our plans would be for the Fall of 2017 but we did know we had a wedding to go to in Sardinia, Italy.  Great friends Franco and Laura are finally getting married and we were honoured to be included in their celebration.

So as we do, we started working at seeing how we could fit a cruise into the planning.  

In the end we decided to book the Royal prior to the wedding that starts in Barcelona and ends in Civitavecchia.

This works great!  We get to spend some time in Barcelona prior to the cruise.  

Also when we get off we have time to explore Italy before heading to Sardinia.

Our current plan is to travel by train to Lucca.  I have been wanting to explore this area of Tuscany since we first decided to come to Italy and now we will spend a few nights there.

After Lucca we will travel by train to Venice for five nights to explore and enjoy fully.

A short flight to Sardinia from Venice for the wedding!  Boy I can't wait.  And every time we get more details about the wedding we just get more excited.

After the wedding we initially were just going to fly home but Antonio (Executive Housekeeper on Princess) is finally retiring this summer and he wants us to visit him.  Where does he live?  Portugal!  So well what is a girl to do?  But go to Portugal for a few days.

With Princess' easy air we secured good flights with reputable airlines for a decent price.  

Now the countdown begins.  But first we have to move.  Yes we sold our condo in record time at a record price!  We have been busy selling stuff, donating more stuff and getting ready for the move early next month.


  1. We met you on your last Mediterranean cruise (Bill and Helene)and we are going to be on the Royal from 9/30 to 11/5....when are you going to be on.

  2. Vickie this just looks wonderful!!! Happy for you, when's the move?

  3. I just got back from Harmony Of The Seas I wrote an artcile on the ship here http://www.traveldiscountsinfo.com let me know what you think

  4. Sounds like a great trip upcoming for you. I visited Calabria in Italy a few years back and loved it. They definitely live a more relaxed lifestyle. I found some good prices on cruises on this site if you are still looking. http://toptravelhotel.com/cruises/ Best of luck and enjoy.

  5. My family just returned from the Royal Princess cruise 5/17-5/27 from Civitavecchia to Barcelona. It was FANTASTIC. First time cruisers and we loved it. We really look forward to our next one. We had no idea there was this community of avid cruisers. Happy to find your blog too now and use all your experience to plan for next time!

  6. Hi Vickie I know you have not been on here for a bit. My wife and i are traveling for 14 days on Princess Majestic Southeast Cruise FEB 2018. Do you know of anyone who has done this cruise or is going to do this cruise pls? We are trying to book our hotel in Shanghai and Singapore. So many to choose from. Need the inside track for a great vacation in 8 months. We will be doing the world cruise when we retire in a few years so any track on that will be helpful. Thanks for the insight on your blog. Have a great day!

    1. Michael, great question. I am going to post your question on my Facebook page where more people see it. Can you check there? Here is the link to my page. https://www.facebook.com/CruisingPrincesswithVickie/