Monday, May 22, 2017

Fort Lauderdale Accommodations

For our trip in 2018 we knew we wanted to fly into Fort Lauderdale a few days early.  Like we always do.

Main reason for this is the travel day is very very long from Vancouver and the three hour time change requires at least one day to get use to before boarding the ship.

Our biggest issue lately is accommodations have shot up in the past few years in Fort Lauderdale. Hotels that we use to book for around $75 to $100 US a night are now going for $250 to $350 a night.

That is crazy!  And we are not talking about fancy places either.

I know having the Oasis and Allure sailing out of Fort Lauderdale has cause a demand for hotels but outside of that I am not sure why.  Any ideas?

So when we go now we usually book further away from the pier and use Uber or rent a car for our stay.  Saving us a lot of money.

This trip our friends Barb and Craig will be in town and we decided to check out Airbnb.  

Once again we ended up getting a large apartment, close to Las Olas that can accommodate all four of us and then some for a price per day that is 2/3 the cost of one night and one room at a 3 star hotel near the pier.  

So for two night our cost is under $200!

Here is a link to our condo we reserved.  

And again if you are interested in trying Airbnb in the future here is a coupon you can register that will save you some $$$ off your first booking.