Friday, April 8, 2016

Can You Believe It - Our Next Holiday Is Not A Cruise

As many of you know we love to cruise.  We love everything about it.  The beautiful ships, the great food, the crew, the destinations and the wonderful entertainment on board.

Whenever we have some time off we search for cruises that fit that timeline.  

We have a week of vacation coming up and we thought we would do a cruise. In fact we searched all the sites looking for a deal.  

One big thing is that it is Alaskan season for the ships, and since we live in Vancouver that is an easy option.  But we didn't want just one week.  The other issue is the low Canadian dollar which added about 30% to the cost of any cruise.

Our first hope was to sail on the Island Princess or Coral Princess on a round trip cruise up to Whittier and back.  But both those ships sold out.  So we started looking at other options.

Road trip?  But where to?  Of course again the Canadian dollar would limit us to staying in Canada and when you add hotel, gas, food, drink it really added up and would it really be a relaxing holiday.

We then looked at flying somewhere in Mexico and staying at an Airbnb or condo.  But again the costs added up to around $2,000 each for a few weeks.

Our last option was looking at All Inclusives down in Mexico and a great deal popped up at a resort in Nuevo Vallarta (just north of Puerto Vallarta) for a great price.

We booked this trip thru Sell Off Vacations.  

In fact we were kind of surprised at the low price.  Other times and other hotels were much more.  So we booked.

We have booked the Riu Jalisco  !

We use to go to All Inclusives in Mexico all the time. Usually every year for about six years our annual trip in January was Mexico.  We have stayed in Puerto Vallarta a few times and love it.  And of course we have visited Puerto Vallarta on cruise stops too.

So stay tuned.  I will blog from the resort on occasion on the happenings.  I will review the resort, the city and the activities available.  Of course the food and drink will also be discussed.  

I know this is not my normal topic but with the cost of cruising going up and the exchange rate so poor travelling to Mexico may be more of an option in the future.

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