Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Quick Get Away - Very Last Minute

There was a short repositioning cruise that we had been looking at for about two weeks.  But it was totally sold out.  We kept watching.  Every day we would check about three times to see if anything opened up.

We had discussed the cut off for the latest we could book and both agreed it was a week prior.

Today was the cut off.  I woke up and my honey had text me - I guess we are not going.  I texted back - nope we are going!  When I checked just after 8 am this morning there was availability for insides, balconies and suites.  Now I don't know how many cabins were available but I wasn't about to wait and see I needed to book before we lost these cabins.

I booked directly with Princess (something I don't usually do as I love my travel agent - Best Price Cruises).

I booked an inside cabin guarantee (as no cabin option was shown).  I quickly paid and boom!  We are sailing soon!  In a week to be exact!

I then knew I had to get my Carnival Stock information faxed off to Princess so I could get them to process the $50 on board credit for owning 100 shares of Carnival.  I was concerned because they state that they must have the information within two weeks of sailing.  I stated on the cover sheet that I had just booked and hoped they would be able to process the credit still.  Sure enough within two hours the credit was in our personalizer for this cruise.

Next was getting flights.  People always say how lucky we are to get these coastals and yes they are nice getaways but the one way flights do add to the cost.

Thankfully we have points we can use for pretty much anything and we booked two one way flights leaving the morning of the cruise.  Cost of the flights is $160 each.  It is a very early flight so we booked a room at a hotel right at the airport - again points were used, but cost is $200.

This trip is to surprise a dear friend and waiter on board.  I don't want to post it here just in case but I will let you know how the surprise goes in the end.

We arrive in Los Angeles at 9:30 and we will make our way to the port and drop the bags.  Then we will head into San Pedro to get some wine and other necessary items.

So stay tuned for the day to day report on the happenings on board the Ruby Princess.

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