Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday November 13 – Toulon France

I can’t believe it I am awake at 6 am!  Now I did go to bed early but really 6 am!  But the perk of being up at this hour is I get to see an amazing sunrise.  I can see lights in the distance which must be the port of Toulon.

After about an hour of reading I am back asleep and don’t even hear Bernie wake up and head upstairs for breakfast.  I do hear them announce that we are docked and we are clear to go ashore but now I am just sleeping thru it and it is part of my dreams most mornings.

I wake around 10 am and we dress and head ashore.  Now you should be aware we don’t actually dock in Toulon we dock in La Seyne-sur-Mer which is the town over from Toulon.

It is a nice pier with a tourist information where you can pick up a map and get information about the port. 

The ship is offering a water bus shuttle for $10 US each that will be automatically charged to your account for transfer between Seyne-sur-Mer and Toulon main pier. 

water bus

But again thanks to my friends on my facebook page I know that the city has a water bus (part of their transit system) that you can take.  The pier is about a ten minute walk from the ship and it runs at ten after and twenty to the hour, but that is currently so don’t rely on this.  You can see the bus stop for the boat from the ship.

walk around the harbour

and continue to catch the water bus
You leave the gate and walk forward and turn right along the walkway along the water until you come across a pier with a bench and a transit schedule.  The boat arrived quickly and we were able to pay for the ride once on board.  Fare was 2E each and he provided change if necessary.  I believe the fare for seniors is a bit less.  The ride takes about 15 minutes and they drop you off right in town.  In fact Princess shuttle boat is right beside the pier.

Here are some other options for transport and tours. 

Once in town we saw this woman selling nuts, candies etc right there and Bernie loves his nuts so we picked up some. 
We walked down the main street to the open market that takes over the streets in the mornings – then closes up in the early afternoon.

So many offerings here, fruits, vegetables, clothes, fish, cheese, olives, oils, flowers, meat – wow you name it.  I did find a table selling the soaps that I bought in Cannes last cruise and really wanted to buy some more.  They were 2E each or 6 for 10E – so I got 6.  I have been using them on board and really like the scents, especially the lavender ones.

Strolling around and checking out the shops when we come along a lovely roadway where a man is playing the accordion and the restaurants all have lovely outdoor tables.

We see a restaurant called Lilith Restaurant – it was small but they had four tables outside and I love that they had a chalkboard with the menu on it.  This shows this restaurant features only fresh items that are homemade daily.  Even the desserts are homemade she says.

We order a glass of wine each 3E and Bernie get the lamb and I get a steak.  The meals were fabulous and the surroundings even better.  I really feel like I am in the South of France. 

But I am getting tired of all the smokers… they are everywhere and seem to light up everywhere too.  We are just not use to it anymore and really appreciate the smoking laws in place in Canada.  I have no issue with smokers and most are very considerate, but here they can light up everywhere and they do.

After a lovely dessert and coffee we are off wandering the streets again.

We head into the big shopping mall, and well it is like most shopping malls in Canada.  But for those that may need toiletries or items for the trip there is a large shop here – kind of like a Target that sells clothes, toys, toiletries, food, wine and much more. 

After five hours ashore we are both ready to go back.  We catch the 15:40 boat back, which docked at 16:00 and a short walk back to the ship.  Funny thing is the guy came around to have people pay but when he saw us and a few others around us he commented in French “oh you bought your ticket from me earlier” then walks away.  So even though we were very prepared to pay we didn’t have to.  A cheap ride 2E round trip, but normally it should be 4E.

We pour a glass of wine and sit out on the balcony reading and snacking on the nuts.  For sailaway we head upstairs to our friends’ cabin and a drink.  Another sunset to enjoy.
Bernie has a bit of sore throat and he didn’t sleep well so we know tonight will be an easy night so he is rested for Barcelona tomorrow.

There is not a whole lot happening tonight but enough.  Dan Appleby is getting off tomorrow in Barcelona and he is flying to the Crown Princess.  Chris is being moved up to Cruise Director for the crossing – great promotion.  But he is certainly qualified.

Events tonight:  Ventriloquist Michael Minor, MUTS is Minions, Ladies Night in the Spa, Production show Motor City in the Princess Theater, British Invasion Dance party with Cosmic Band in Wheelhouse, Stateroom Movie is Jurrasic World (which was the movie yesterday too), Who Sang What One Hit Wonders Trivia in Wheelhouse and Late Night Dancing with DJ TinTin.


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