Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day at Sea – November 9, 2015

Boy do we need a sea day!  We had a good sleep waking around 8 am.  Bernie went to get some food up at Horizon Court and I showered and got ready for a relaxing day.

Today is our meet and greet and we are a big group.  Our gathering is scheduled for 10 am at Explorer’s Lounge.  The coordinator prepared lovely invites for the officers and had great name tags for all of us. 

We arrive just before 10 and the line dance class is going on here so as soon as it finishes we start to mingle but we are herded and told to sit down.  We all grab a seat and the host gets on the mic and she is great on the mic, she obviously knows how to control a group (we find out she was a teacher).  Dan (CD) and Craig (Hotel General Manager) and Antonio (Executive Housekeeper) are there, also Alfonso the Bar Manager. 

The host introduces Dan and he introduces the others and speaks for a short time.  Craig the HGM stands at the back and is there for people if necessary but because we were all sitting and listening no one got a chance to meet and talk with the officers in attendance.  But as soon as we start to talk about organized tours he leaves.  The host was good at controlling the talk about the tours – discussing private tours on Princess at a public event is not allowed and is in the contract we all agree to.

She called out the names of those who were coordinating a group tour so people could put a face to a name, but that was it.  When someone said they were looking for a tour to join up with, the host quickly controlled it and moved on.
Unfortunately the event was more a sit and listen to the host and not a meet and greet.  We met only maybe two or three new people.  I would of liked more of a mingle but it was more like being in a class.

We headed to the coffee bar and Bernie read and I did puzzles while enjoying a latte.  Bernie left to go watch the new Terminator Movie in the cabin.  Although 20 minutes before the end the movie cut out completely and he was left hanging.  Later in the day he was able to catch the last 20 minutes. 

I stop into the Wheelhouse where they are hosting the Veterans Get Together. I see Dan is talking and I like how he says what he has tentatively planned for future gatherings and for the November 11 – Remembrance Day – event.  But what really sets him apart is he ask for their opinion and if it is okay with them.  A good leader leads and is open to changes.  Dan shines and I am very impressed with him.

I decide to participate in the Elevator Roulette game at the aft elevators on deck 6.  It is a lot of fun and I walk away with a water bottle. 

Bernie is still watching the movie at this time so I head up to the buffet to get some lunch.  There is a few Mexican items and I enjoy it thoroughly.  I sit with a lovely lady named Barb who I met during the elevator roulette game. 

When I do meet up with Bernie we try our had at something new that we have never participated in -- Mastermind Trivia.  We are to meet up in the dining room and Jill is hosting.  We are given a piece of paper with 15 questions and we can’t turn over the paper until she says so and then we have 15 minutes.  Each sea day there will be one of these and Jill will keep a running score.  Near the end of the cruise they will host a “weakest link” show with the top scorers. 

Now I suck at trivia but it was fun trying and Bernie enjoyed it.

We grab our books and head up to the pool and chat with some friends and then head into the enclosed pool and relax and read for a few hours. 

Back to the cabin and Bernie finally catches the last bit of the movie from earlier and I read on the balcony while the sun sets.  We enjoy some wine and reflect on the great day. 

Tonight is formal night and the Captain’s Welcome Aboard Show.  We head to the Atrium to watch the champagne waterfall but duck out to the Bayou Café bar to enjoy a drink and listen to Luca Cervo.  There are a few couples dancing here but there is not a lot of room here for ballroom dancing.  I do see that the next day he is scheduled for Wheelhouse Bar. 

We are having dinner in Sabatinis tonight with our friend Antonio.  We are sat at a lovely table by the window.  Sergy serves us some champagne and we keep scanning the menu trying to figure out what to order.

Sergy brings us our appetizers which we ordered to share among the three of us, calamari, tomato and mozzarella salad, and a veal with a tuna sauce (which sounds weird but taste great). 

The pasta course comes out and I had the manicotti which was amazing!  Bernie and Antonio have the short ribs with the penne.

We are all full now – and Antonio has brought a bottle of white wine from Portugal for us and we are into that and starting to feel great!

fish dish

my chicken dish

But the main course is next!  I had the chicken dish and it was good but being too full to enjoy it, none of us could finish our entrée.

We skip dessert and even coffees… we are the last table here, it is 10:15 when we walk out.  Hugs to Antonio – so nice to spend time with him again.  We hope he will come to Vancouver soon and he invites us to Portugal, especially once he retires.

Back in the cabin we are tipsy and full…. Oh not a good combination.  Thankfully tomorrow we don’t have any big plans in Salerno.

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