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Joys of Booking Flights


For me this is the worst part of travelling, the flying.  But first I have to book flights which is fun, but can also cause me to pull my hair out.

It is something we do ourselves thru one of the many travel search sites found on line.  

Note I do not think this option is for everyone. You need to be very comfortable with the internet and doing searches and know somewhat about routing and itinerary.  I have heard horror stories of people booking the wrong city ie. wanting to go to Sydney Australia, but booked Sydney, Nova Scotia (very different location). Other friends only saw the first page of the search for a flight and booked one of those flight only to find out later that on the next page was a much better flight for a few dollars more. 

Yes even I have made errors. One trip I booked our return flight for the day before we docked. Yup I mixed up the days and it required a call to the airline and a small fee to change the dates. Do you have a horror story?

So if any of the abo…

The Cruise Ship Show

I just watched the show called The Cruise Ship featuring the Royal Princess.  It is a four part series, with episode one shown tonight. 

This is a show from ITV in Britain.  So to watch the show you have to be a resident there.  But you can circumvent it by going to  you need to register with hola and then you can watch any content around the world by changing your settings to the appropriate country.   So for this show I change it so that it thinks I am using a UK server.  

Then go to ITV's page ITV and you may need to register with them.  Note they asked for a UK postal code.  I just happened to search for a UK code and came up with SE10AA and it worked fine, but any postal code will do from Britain.
And it worked great and I was able to watch the show.
My thoughts on the show:
this is for television and it really is not what cruising is likethis Mandy woman, boy I swear we have met her on or her type on board many times.  Loved her comment about the elites... she sure is …

A Day on the Crown Princess

After spending such a long time on the Crown this year and reconnecting with old friends and making many new friends we were excited to be getting on the ship as guests of one of the crew.  This would give us time to see the ship again, and see so many of the crew again.

Of course Bernie stopped by Purdy's Chocolates to pick up some treats to hand out to the crew we knew.  

We arrived at the pier at around 9 am and went to the security area where we were happy to be lead to the line for the crew.  They confirmed we were on the list as visitors for the day.  Scanned our bags - guess no issue with bringing chocolates.  

We then snaked our way thru the terminal to the check-in for crew at the pier just before the gangway. Here they once again checked our id, gave us visitor passes to be worn and held on to our driver's license till we got off.  We headed up the gangway against all the traffic coming off the ship.  Kind of felt like salmon going upstream.  

Princess security was there…