Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Should I Be Worried About Princess' Product

I am finally getting around to publishing our review of the Golden Princess cruise we did in November.  I knew I needed to take some time to calm down after the cruise.  If I would of done the review right after it may of had more emotion reflected in the review.  So we decided to wait a few weeks and I am glad I did.

The cruise was actually a back to back three day itinerary that we did after doing ten days on the Grand.  

The itinerary for these three days was -- Los Angeles, day at sea, Ensenada, back in Los Angeles.  And we did it twice.

For those who don't know me let me explain that this isn't our first Princess Cruise.  In fact it was our 48 and 49th Princess Cruise and we have just over 400 days with Princess.

I am 49 and Bernie is 58.  We love to travel and we mainly travel on cruises and have been very loyal to Princess.   But I have done a few cruises with Carnival and one with Royal Caribbean.

These two trips on the Golden were a big disappointment and we left with some concerns.

I decided to do the review as a podcast cause I really wanted to get Bernie's point of view too and I knew writing it and how it was interpreted could be misconstrued.  

So take a listen and know that in the end we will still sail with Princess in the future.  But we may now look at other lines too.  

But if these issues we experienced are because of cut backs to save money, perhaps other lines are doing the same.

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  1. Vicki - we were on the Golden right after you - left 16 hours after we should have and we didn't even receive notification! Like you, we have cruise Princess many, many times. We were among the first on the ship and it seems that those who got on a little after we were handed a notice about the delay. The Golden was to go into dry dock late September however, someone wanted to charter her at that time which did happen. Her dry dock was re-scheduled to April 2015. What is happening now to the Golden is a result of her not getting her needed repairs or scheduled maintenance, such as with the air conditioning and propeller issues. I have a friend on her late January for a SA cruise and my fingers are crossed. I will watch your video when I've a little time in the next few days.