Saturday, December 13, 2014

Flight to Rome - Too SOON?

Now you know I am organized... probably a bit too organized.  But this is the earliest I have ever booked a flight.  

10 months prior! 

Am I crazy?

We knew flying one way to Rome would not be cheap and we had been trying to get an idea on the cost when planning this trip.  

From Vancouver we were looking at $1600 per person!  So we kept looking and just this week we saw with more options opening up the price had gone down over 50%.

We scooped up a deal - I think.  

Flying out of Vancouver direct to London then a few hours in London then a short trip to Rome.

All for the price of $700 Canadian per person!  And we are flying British Airways which is a better option than some other airlines (won't name names).

I saw that Princess Air was also a good option but the airfare from Vancouver was much higher.  

Seattle is another option and the price was just under $700 US.  So when you add in the exchange rate, the three hour drive, the parking we were looking at just over $1000 each.

So my advice is always weigh out the options.  Decide what is best for you.  What you feel comfortable with.  Talk to your travel agent too cause they may have a better option.

Now I am getting excited.  But still ten months to wait!

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