Friday, November 11, 2011

Preparing for our Caribbean Cruise

We are heading off again for another adventure on the Emerald Princess in the Caribbean.  We are doing the back to back 20 days on her again.  I know I know we just did that itinerary in January/February.  In fact this will be the third time we have done this itinerary, but since Princess doesn't offer anything longer than the 10 days, we end up teaming them up to create 20 days.  And the price couldn't be beat.

We had two weeks vacation and with a few days from our banked overtime and a few trades with other workers we are able to swing it. 

Once again we booked with .  They were so great when we had to cancel two cruises within a week of leaving in May, and they helped us secure our future cruise credits that we used those future cruise credits right away to book these trips.  We booked back in June and secured initially an inside cabin but a few months later decided to upgrade ourselves to a balcony.  And we are glad we did when we did.  Since booking the price for the lowest category balcony has never come down, only gone up.  However prices for insides and outsides have gone down and there are still a few cabins available as of today for both sailings at amazing prices.

This cruise is going to be very very different for us, and we are not to sure how it will affect us.  As many of you know this year has been a tough one with the loss of my Mother to cancer at a young age in May.  Then Bernie had shoulder surgery recently and he is slowly recovery but needs a lot of assistance.  We knew that this trip was something we really needed for the two of us, we need some rest, and some together time.

Normally whenever we sail we know quite a few people ahead of time that will be on board with us.  This time we don't really know anyone.  Normally we are very involved with the Cruise Critic Roll Call for both sailings, but this time even though I am keeping up with the boards, I have only committed to attend the meet and greet for each sailing.  The first sailing has lots of great things planned but I am just feeling this time I need to sit back and watch.  I have agreed to invite the officers to our meet and greet and have all ready done up the letters to them.  It is nice to see so many officers that we know will be on board.

Normally we have a few excursions planned for each port.  But this time nothing is formally planned in any port.  We have been to every island at least twice before, and some we have been to numerous times, like Aruba and St. Thomas, so it isn't like we need to get out and see the island for the first time.  Our thoughts are we will wake up each day and relax and see how we feel and then go do what we want to and feel like doing.  Also because Bernie's arm is still in a sling for most of the day and doesn't have the strength to do what he wants it to, we will have to limit strenuous activity.  But he is glad he can still stick a snorkel mask on and then walk into the water and snorkel. 

We still haven't gotten our cabin assignment, I am hoping it is soon and I am hoping it is a good cabin.  Crossing fingers for an upgrade, but the upgrade will be in a higher category within the balcony cabins
Our goal this trip is sleep in, enjoy good food and wine, meet nice people, learn more about the islands, spend quality time together, journal this trip for my facebook page, and reflect on the year and the future.

I hope you will follow my blog and travel along with us.


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