Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 24, 2011 - heading out

Well couldn't sleep too much last night, woke up at 4 am today and my mind wouldn't stop.  Did I pack the Kindle charger, did I pack the travel alarm clock, did I pack my good watch.  Of course I had packed all the above.  It is rare we forget something and even if we do oh well we can do without or we can buy down there.  As Bernie always reminds me "no worries Vickie I hear they have stores in Fort Lauderdale". 

House is all set up with a friend staying there for the next few weeks. 

We will be driving down to Seattle in a few hours.  Not sure what the border will be like with it being the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend.  But since stores are closed today I am hoping not too many Canadians are heading down today, plus we all have to work.  We do have our recently acquired Nexus card so if the line is busy we can go thru the Nexus line.
Booked Radisson Hotel Gateway Seattle-Tacoma Airport thru and we won the bid for $65 for the one night.    We will head out and park our car at SeaTac Park, we have parked our car here numerous times, and is very economical for a long term parking.  Their monthly rates can not be beat anywhere, plus we love that we park our car and take our keys. 

I am hoping that the hotel will have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner as when we celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving last month I had to work so missed out and I am craving a turkey dinner.

We have printed out our boarding passes.  We are flying with Continental via Houston and should get into Fort Lauderdale around 5:30 pm Friday.
Our hotel in Fort Lauderdale we also booked thru Priceline and got the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort for $85 a night for three nights. The hotel's web site is


  1. Have a great trip!!! Looking forward to hearing all about the cruise. Only 3 months till we get to cruise together again!!!

    Karen P