Saturday, June 18, 2011

Smoking Policy Change for Princess - Yes They Are Listening

Finally!  For those that have been following my last few trips via this blog you understand my frustration when coming to smokers on board ships. 

Let me first state that usually it is not the fault of the smokers, they are just indulging in their addiction and I don't know too many smokers that would continue to smoke if they could quit.  However Princess policy has been that smoking in designated areas on board is allowed (open decks on port side, some bars, cabins and their personal balcony). 

Being a person who loves the sea and sitting out on her balcony reading or enjoying a drink only to have someone in the vicinity (yup even two decks down or two cabins over) light up and then have that peaceful moment interrupted by secondhand smoke.  And what is with the chain smoker who is out in the pjs (or less) - heck I've even witnessed a woman who sat out on her deck putting on her make up because God forbid she would have to stop smoking for five minutes.

You might say well smoking in your cabin shouldn't be an issue, yeah I would concurre; however if any of you read my posts from our cruises in January you will remember our issue with the couple who smoked in their inside cabin that was located just across from us.  Somehow smoke from their cabin came thru their door vent and every time we opened our door the air would be forced into our cabin and it was horrible.  It was like a smoker was right in our cabin!  We thankfully used our duck tape (yup never travel without it) and covered up our door vent, which did help.

Every comment sheet we have filled out in the past few years has mentioned the need for Princess to reexamine their smoking policy in their cabins and balconies.

Last week Princess introduced this policy:

Keeping the comfort of our passengers a priority, and in consideration of consumer studies which show smokers are a small minority of passengers, Princess has implemented the following smoking policy:

Designated Smoking Areas

Clearly marked “Designated Smoking Areas” are available onboard and include a sufficient number of ashtrays that are emptied regularly. Generally, these areas include cigar lounges, a section of the nightclub and casino, as well as a portion of the open decks. As a safety precaution, passengers are reminded to properly dispose of cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco, which are never to be thrown overboard as this may be sucked back into the ship and cause fires.

Stateroom Smoking Policy Update

For all voyages departing after January 15th, 2012, Princess Cruises will prohibit smoking in passenger staterooms and balconies. This policy change reflects the preferences of a vast majority of our passengers who value having their primary living space (both stateroom and balcony) smoke-free. As balconies are a hallmark of Princess Cruises, we believe it is important to keep this peaceful space clear of smoke. Violations to this policy will result in a $250 fine for each occurrence, which will be charged to the passenger’s stateroom account. Keeping with the global trend toward more restrictive smoking policies and honoring the wishes of our passengers, we feel this change will enhance our onboard experience and do more to help our passengers escape completely.

Once again thank you Princess for looking out for our needs, and it only reinforces why we continue to sail with you.

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