Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Repositioning Cruises Here We Come

After having to cancel the last couple of cruises we knew we had to plan something and something soon.  But what are our options when you live in Vancouver and you don't have any scheduled vacation?  You either book an Alaskan Cruise, which was ruled out quickly because all are a minimum of seven days and we could only manage a couple of days at most, also prices are just too high too for what we wanted to pay.

Next option is repositioning cruises, now if you don't know what a repo (repositioning) is it is a cruise where the ship needs to move from one area to another.  In this case cruise ships that are positioned in Alaska need to move South to warmer weather in the Fall.  In the Spring these ships move North to Alaska bound itineraries. 

For cruise lines this is an opportunity for sometimes short voyages, and it is always good to fill the ship with people who spend their money on board than to sail the ship empty. 

This September we are booked on a three day Golden Vancouver to Los Angeles at a great rate of around $55 per person per day!  Heck you can't even eat out for that price let alone a room, entertainment, food and great service. 

For us we are thinking of booking a one day cruise on Holland America -- our first ever on HAL from Seattle to Vancouver where we will change piers and board the Golden to Los Angeles.  So we can drive to Seattle, park the car, sail to Vancouver, then sail to Los Angeles, then fly back to Seattle for around $80.  The entire trip including air works out to be $310 per person.

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