Sunday, September 24, 2017

Next Voyage Begins

We are off.  After a long day at work I return home to pack up the last few items and I am picked up by Kenny who takes me to the Fairmont Airport Hotel (about an hour away) for another glorious night.

The flight is not until tomorrow but who wants to fight traffic, crowds and rush to the airport on the day of. Thankfully I have enough reward points that I could use them to book a night's stay at the Fairmont.  

I love this hotel! The staff are so friendly, helpful and the rooms are so well appointed that it is hard to stay elsewhere now.

The hotel is perfectly situated right at the airport and nothing beats waking up and then just going downstairs to board the plane.

We love the quotes on the walkway to the hotel above the US check in.

yes - YVR voted the best airport in North America 

Once we drop off our bag we quickly leave and get on the skytrain to head to Richmond and a bite to eat at the Cactus Club (located right at the Lansdowne Shopping Mall which is great for last minute essentials if you are staying here prior to a cruise).  

A drink or two is necessary to start this vacation right.
We are now settled into the room and relaxing and know we need to get to sleep early.  It will be a long day tomorrow and a nine hour time change.

hard to read but it says
There are no foreign lands 
It's the traveller who is foreign

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