Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lisbon - Heck Why Not

If you have been following along you know we are heading to the Mediterranean in the Fall.

One of our dear friends Antonio Pimpao is retiring from Princess.  Antonio has been with Princess forever! We first met him on the Diamond many years ago at the Most Travelled Luncheon as he was the officer at our table and we hit it off.  

Since then we have sailed with him numerous times. In fact we specifically seeked out which ships he was on and jumping on board. A few times we even met him in Vancouver when he docked here.Delivering Portuguese special treats to him.

When he informed us he was retiring we were happy for him, but sad we may not see him as often. His response: "Why not come and visit me." "Why not come see me this Fall."

So we discussed it and agreed we should add a few days to our Fall trip and fly to Lisbon to spend some time with Antonio.

So after the wedding in Sardinia we are now flying Olbia to Lisbon via Rome.  

We will stay at Antonio's for five nights before flying home from Lisbon.

We are excited, neither of us has been to Lisbon!


  1. Hi Vickie & Bernie, how to I get in touch with you to ask some questions on Northern Europe/transatlantic? Bill & Sue Bielecki

    1. Hi Bill and Sue, best way to reach out with a question is thru my facebook fan page. https://www.facebook.com/CruisingPrincesswithVickie/