Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Half a Million HITS

Wow can you believe it!  My counter just turned to just over 500,000 hits onto my blog.  That is half a million!

I am truly blown away.

When I started this blog in 2009 (OMG that was a long time ago) it was just a small journal to write about our voyages and trips.  Mainly my close friends and family followed along.

Now I have people from all over the world that read it. I am continually being recognized on board ships with people recognizing me from my blog or videos.  Note I love it when people approach me and some have become really good friends.

The blog has grown immensely with so many ports listed and with easy to search port labels. I try to create detailed information about each port for others to learn from and I know others appreciate it because I get great comments every day on how my blog/video/page helped them.

I try to be objective and post what I see and how it impacts me.  I don't post second/third or fourth hand information. I am a very positive person and tend to look at the glass half full. If there is an issue I state it and how I think it could be better.

For now I still love doing the blogs. Sure there are days on the cruise it is a bit of a chore but 90% of the time it is a treat to do.

I want to thank all who have taken the time to read, write, comment, introduce yourselves - because of you I keep doing it.  I really want to thank Princess Cruises too and every crew that has made my trips extra special.  Without them I wouldn't have been blessed with so many great memories.

Keep following and make sure to check out my new webpage vickiecruises.com that puts all my cruise information all in one place.  

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